Strategy game Inkyulinati teases new Beast Lairs and Dragons for an upcoming major update

inculinatethe comic and medieval indie strategy indie from Yaza Games developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment, recently announced the next major update in New blog post.

The post only teases some of the upcoming content fans can expect. He reveals that the second major update will be called “A Dragon, Hares, and Beast Lairs”. First, it will introduce all-new Beast Lairs, which are battlefield creatures that spawn new enemies during battle. inculinate He released an image of several Beast Lairs on a single battlefield:

Image: Yaza Games

The enemy generator is an interesting surprise inculinate, which continues to successfully blend a variety of board game and video game mechanics. It’s a fairly basic distraction, but the idea of ​​multiple hideouts will definitely give players more thought as they maneuver through new stages.

Players will also need to prioritize destroying spawns over certain opponents. It’s still unclear how many types of Beast Lairs will be added, or the total number that can actually appear on the battlefield.

Next, inculinate Finally got a preview of a dragon, and it works just as you’d expect. It was a mandatory addition to a medieval themed game, so it’s nice to see:

Image of the dragon inculente
Image: Yaza Games

But they might also be a bit overpowered. Dragons will get 20 health, don’t need ladders, and can throw fireballs. It’s certainly objective enough, but it may require some balancing later on. Either way, the dragon wouldn’t be the only new monster, but the other additions weren’t mentioned in today’s post.

The recent teaser announced a new category system, which will definitely be more inviting to newcomers. It’s a relief, given that inculinate Do new players learn about the annoying battlefield stuff in action.

You can read more about inculinateYaza Games and other upcoming indie game updates by checking out the rest of our news section.

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