Swery and Suda51 team up for 2.5D action game Hotel Barcelona, ​​due out next year


White Owls Inc. is a studio headed by Swerri. And Locust Manufacture’s Suda51, the studio behind the No More Heroes series, has teamed up to develop Hotel Barcelona. Revealed during Xbox’s 2023 Tokyo Game Show broadcast, the team describes Hotel Barcelona as a “2.5D slasher film parodic action” game that will be out next year.

At Hotel Barcelona, ​​serial killers from across the United States gather to do serial killers’ deeds. The player must defeat everyone and check into the Hotel Barcelona before “all blood is spilled”. It will be out in 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam.

Check out the Hotel Barcelona reveal trailer for yourself below:

in one Xbox Wire blog post, Sweri says the idea was born at a Suda51-hosted event called “Travis Monday Nitro 2” in Shibuya, Tokyo in October 2019. The two discussed creating a game together, announcing then and there that it would be called Hotel Barcelona. Later that year, the two worked out the plan and details of the game “over dinner together in Canada”.

Swerri describes Hotel Barcelona as a horror-themed, side-scrolling action game where melee weapons like an extended surgical knife are your primary weapon and other items like a shotgun or a Molotov cocktail serve as your subweapons. “You go into missions armed with each of these types of weapons,” Swery tells Xbox. “Weapons are basically obtained from treasure chests that drop during missions.”

He describes Hotel Barcelona as the place where “all the action happens” and is an integrated leisure complex with a casino, camping ground and more facilities. In total, there are seven “small worlds” inside the hotel. Each of these seven small worlds has a serial killer boss to defeat. The serial killer boss doesn’t pay homage to any historical character and is more “an embodiment of a subgenre of horror films,” says Swery. So you can see bosses inspired by slasher movies, zombie horrors, summer camp B-movies, babysitter movies and more.

Hotel Barcelona also features an interesting mechanic called Slasher Phantom.

“Simply put, the character behind the player automatically moves on the last run while retaining all hitboxes,” says Swery. “Something close to this would be the ghost feature in racing games, but with hit detection; it feels like you’re fighting your past self. You can hold up to three slasher phantoms, which help you on your adventure every step of the way.”

“(Each of) the seven worlds consists of several areas that must be cleared, and the boss appears in the last area. When you clear an area, you can choose a power-up, which restores your health or increases your attack power. However, if you get hit and are sent back to the beginning of the area, your You may like to choose a different path than the previous one to increase attack power. When you do so and choose a different path, Slasher Phantoms will completely reset.”

Hotel Barcelona will be released in 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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