Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom announced for Apple Arcade

Bandai Namco has Announced Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom for apple arcade. It will be released on January 4, 2024.

Here’s an overview of the game, via apple arcade:


A mysterious meteor falls to earth and it’s up to you and Mametchi to help fix everything!

Welcome to a wonderful adventure in the world of Tamagotchi! Join Mametchi as he travels across the country to solve problems, make friends, and use the power of happiness to restore the kingdom.

Build and decorate your wilderness camp and invite your most loyal Tamagotchi companions. Play, make friends, explore its wonderful world and customize your Tamagotchi heroes with your favorite outfits.

  • Enter a peculiar world – Completely immerse yourself in the cute and cheerful world of Tamagotchi and experience an unexpected journey of adventures and surprises.
  • Explore and discover – The game is full of things to find and mysteries to unravel. Walk, drive and swim across the land – the world is yours to discover.
  • Make your camp – Your camp is your home in the kingdom and you are free to make it your own cozy place where Mametchi and his friends can relax between adventures.
  • Meet the heroes – There are almost 300 Tamagotchi friends that you can meet on your adventures, each with their own quirky personality.

On your adventures you’ll meet old and new Tamagotchi friends, from the brave and helpful Mametchi and the loyal Kuchipatchi to the royal King Gotchi and Meteoritchi, your new friend from outer space!

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom It’s full of delights and surprises waiting for you to discover!

Watch the announcement trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announce trailer


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