The perfect Hela deck in Marvel Snap

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In Marvel Snap, the Discard archetype is all about taking part in your odds on which playing cards might be discarded and trying to govern these odds in your favor. That is particularly the case in Hela decks, which look to discard all of their high-cost playing cards apart from Hela herself. This generally is a tough enterprise, with many video games coming all the way down to a coin flip on whether or not Hela dodges a discard set off. Nonetheless, whereas the deck does wrestle at instances with its consistency, in video games the place Hela survives to show six, the deck can swing virtually any sport in its favor.

The best winrate Hela deck in Marvel Snap

  • Zabu
  • Woman Sif
  • Swordmaster
  • Jubilee
  • Sandman
  • Ghost Rider
  • Hell Cow
  • Captain Marvel
  • Hela
  • The Infinaut
  • Demise

Associated: Marvel Snap Savage Land replace modifications

In keeping with’s meta breakdown and deck tier list, this Hela deck is the best winrate Hela deck and a Tier 4 deck. The deck incorporates a excessive curve as is the case with many Hela decks, and with no card decrease than three Vitality it might probably wrestle towards aggro matchups.

The deck’s power lies in throwing down Marvel Snap’s Zabu card on flip three and taking part in an explosive flip 4 with two 4 Price playing cards. Your finest follow-up after Zabu will solely rely upon the state of your hand, however Jubilee into Sandman is an extremely sturdy line of play that shuts down opposing Zabu decks in addition to the present meta terror in Silver Surfer.

At first, it might appear unusual to incorporate an unplayable card like Demise on this record, however Demise serves as the very best Woman Sif goal within the deck resulting from her price of 9 Vitality. This enables Woman Sif to be performed even when Hela is in hand, as Woman Sif will goal Demise over all different playing cards.

Captain Marvel is one other distinctive selection right here, however her power lies in her skill to steal video games by shifting to a profitable spot on the board. Hela suffers from her personal skill being random and probably inserting the playing cards she summons in a poor place. Captain Marvel can treatment this by launching herself to a location, probably mitigating Hela’s misplays.

Sandman is by far probably the most obtrusive selection within the deck, as Sandman is often a really weak card, however he at the moment shuts down two of the meta’s high archetypes in Zabu and Silver Surfer. Each of those archetypes love taking part in out a number of playing cards a flip, together with commonly taking part in out three playing cards on flip six. Nonetheless, Sandman stops each of those methods of their tracks.

If you wish to strive your hand at this deck, yow will discover the deck code right here: eyJOYW1lIjoiSGVsYSBaYWJ1IiwiQ2FyZHMiOlt7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IlphYnUifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkxhZHlTaWYifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IlN3b3JkTWFzdGVyIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJKdWJpbGVlIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJTYW5kbWFuIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJHaG9zdFJpZGVyIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJIZWxsY293In0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJDYXB0YWluTWFydmVsIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJIZWxhIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJNYWduZXRvIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJJbmZpbmF1dCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiRGVhdGgifV19

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