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If you’re like me, you’ll want to 100% a game to completion, meaning turn over every rock and venture to every corner to make sure no collectibles are left behind. Well, venturing through the mines and parkouring and sneaking past cruel orcs is difficult enough, so we have all the help you’ll need to find those collectibles without any extra stress. There are five collectibles in Chapter 2, and here’s how you can get them all as you progress through the story.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum All Chapter 2 Collectible Locations

There are five total collectibles you can find in this chapter, and they can be tricky to locate, especially because you will only get a few chances at some before the chapter progresses. Here is how you can get all of them in order:

Beast Pits Collectible Location

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The first collectible you will find is Boroc Hair. This is a piece of hair off the beasts that you need to herd back into their cages. Follow the Frail Man all the way to the Beast Pits after checking in with the Mine Orc. Once you get to the large pit with the ladder leading over the fence, turn to your left. Opposite the ladder, you’ll find the hair on the ground.

Barad-dur Mines Collectible Location

The second collectible is a bit trickier to find because you’ll need to navigate the mines. You can collect this one as you’re locating all the fallen slave tags. Make your way down the mines, following the ladders and climbing spots and collecting the tags as you go. You’ll eventually take a lift up again and then come to a smaller cavern room with a pool of lava and a large pillar in the middle.

After getting the tag here, climb up the pillar onto the higher floor and make your way out until you get back to the open mine shafts. There will be two different running walls on either side here that you can take. Head to the left, running across the wall where the white marks are painted, and you’ll find the Bat Wing collectible.

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Slave Cells Collectible Location

The next collectible, the Old Metal Spoon, you can grab on your way back through. I missed this completely my first time through, so be very observant of your surroundings. After you check back from completing your duty, you’ll be released to head back to your cell. The cell directly before yours will be left open this time. There is a bearded man standing inside, and in the corner, you’ll see the spoon for you to grab. This is the only chance you’ll have to get inside the cell and get the collectible, so you’ll want to complete this before returning to your cell.

Halls of Grond Collectible Location 1

The next two collectibles are further into the chapter once you reach the Halls of Grond. These are the trickiest to find since there are so many obstacles and orcs to dodge here. To find the Piece of Leather, follow the path and obstacles until you reach the large wheel with the barrel-shaped rods. Jump past the barrels to get to the other side, or you can hop on a barrel and ride it over, but this is riskier. You’ll want to jump to the platform branching out on your right, and the collectible will be beside a candle.

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Halls of Grond Collectible Location 2

The last collectible here, the Piece of Metal, isn’t far from the leather. Continue navigating your way through the obstacles until you get to the part with the spinning metal wheels. Get past the first pair, and you’ll see one that is flipped vertically, almost like a hamster wheel, which you can actually walk on top of. From this one, hop over to the wheel on your right and then wait for it to face the branching walkway, shown in the image above, and drop down. You can grab the collectible and then climb the ladder to continue.

Now you have all the collectibles in Chapter 2, and you can move on to the next chapter. Keep a look out for more shiny treasures as you progress.

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