The new WarioWare: Move It trailer showcases its 200-plus microgames

Earlier this summer, Nintendo revealed WarioWare: Move It, the newest game in the long-running “microgame” series. Ahead of its November release later this year, Nintendo released a new trailer for WarioWare: Move It during today’s Nintendo Direct. In it, we learned more about its various microgames and what a “farm” is.

Forms are specific poses that players must maintain during microgames. For example, you might have to sit down with your arms like a chicken to push an egg out of your virtual WarioWare: Move It avatar. In these microgames, you have to perform the correct action as quickly as possible in the correct form. And you’ll need to be quick because Nintendo says the microgames will arrive one after the other in quick succession.

Check out these WarioWare: Move It microgames for yourself in the trailer below:

In today’s trailer, we learned more about WarioWare: Move’s Party mode, which lets up to four players compete against each other. You might need to reach a goal without being caught by Medusa’s gaze, for example, or set a score in an arena and be the last one to finish.

Between Party Mode and WarioWare: Move It’s single-player modes, Nintendo claims to play through 200 microgames.

WarioWare: Move It hits the Switch November 3.

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