The Nintendo Switch has sold over 140 million units

Nintendo has Revealed The Switch surpassed 140 million units sold, further cementing its current position as the second best-selling console in the company’s history. The news arrives at the same time Nintendo revealed that it will announce a Switch successor by March 2025, meaning the Switch still has some time to catch up to Nintendo’s best-selling console: the Nintendo DS.

Since the last financial results call, the Switch has sold an additional 1.96 million units, increasing its total 141.32. That’s second only to the Nintendo DS’s massive 154.02 million. The Switch is likely to surpass the Nintendo DS, especially if the Switch continues to sell well after its successor is released, but that’s a huge 13 million-unit gap to close.

Elsewhere in financial results, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold 20.28 million units, Super Mario Bros. Wonder 11.96 million, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe another 6.79 million and Pikmin 4 sold 3.33 million. The fiscal year ending March 2024 was strong for Switch Software, selling 163.95 million units in Q1 through Q3 of fiscal 2024. However, compared to the same quarters in fiscal 2023, Switch Software was down 4.7%.

With a Switch successor on the horizon, that number is likely to increase this time next year.

In the meantime, read about next month’s Nintendo Direct, and then check it out Game Informers Top 10 Switch Games. After that, check out the Switch’s best selling games list.

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