The Spirit and the Mouse sets an April release date for the physical copy


Soul and mousethe indie puzzle adventure from developer and publisher Alblune Armor Games Studiosyou will get a special physical edition of Super Rare Games on April 27, 2023. It will also include a small set of cool art cards.

There will only be 4,000 limited edition copies, and the official Super Rare Games Product page It currently lists an asking price of $37.24.

Soul and mouse Originally released on September 22, 2022, it’s now available on PC or Nintendo Switch.

Super Rare Games also released a new game trailer to coincide with the announcement, so newcomers can review the visuals and gameplay:

Soul and mouse is an incredibly engaging game that feels directly inspired by the moment Remy was struck by lightning ratatouille. However, the story is definitely unique, and the mechanics escape in a more whimsical fantasy style. After all, the hero uses electric powers to advance.

But most importantly, is the great hook Soul and mouse He is optimistic and unabashedly cheerful. You can even collect happiness, and the story-driven gameplay focuses on helping others. Kibblins are both adorable.

The overall art design harkens back to old-school 3D platformers, including similar shooting and puzzle work. As a result, the physical copy looks just right for Soul and mouse. It’s also a hidden gem, so hopefully, the new version will rejuvenate some much-deserved attention.

Unfortunately, the limited edition doesn’t include much. It would have been nice to see something more creative, perhaps a more nostalgic collectible that would fit the style of the game. But the art cards pop out and feature the main characters.

You can read more about Soul and mouseArmor Games Studios and other upcoming physical releases by following our news section.


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