Tokyo Psycho: A Mystery Adventure game set to revolutionize forensic investigation games

Gravity Game Arise has unveiled an innovative mystery adventure game, TOKYO PSYCHODEMIC, designed for PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. steam. While the release date has not yet been confirmed, it has been announced that the game will be available in both English and Japanese.

Tokyo Psychology invites players to delve into the world of unsolved murder cases, which account for five percent of cases globally. In this realistic 2D x cinematic forensic investigation simulation game, players will team up with colleagues who have specialized skills in obtaining physical evidence to solve these cases. The game relies on the analytical tools and investigative skills of the players.

The story of the game centers around human ESP experiments and the “Anomalous Cult Incident”. Amidst whispers of the existence of this condition, a new threat emerges as a mysterious virus with an 80 percent fatality rate is rapidly spreading across Tokyo. This virus affects even the country’s top bureaucrats and the prime minister, eventually resulting in the “lockdown of Tokyo”.

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Four years after declaring a state of emergency, an interim government managed to weather the crisis. Meanwhile, abnormal cults, long forgotten by the public, continue to operate in secret, leaving behind unresolved cases as traces of their activities. The protagonist, who has a personal history of being caught and tried, sets out to solve a case the police failed to solve, hoping to expose the ambitions of the “unnatural cult order”.

TOKYO PSYCHODEMIC’s gameplay revolves around collecting information about unsolved cases that come to the detective agency. Players will investigate various aspects of these cases, such as the victim’s personal information and activity history obtained from the security cameras. By gathering this information and confirming it on the evidence board, players will work to uncover the truth.

The game’s investigations will mainly focus on analyzing evidence images from crime scenes and surveillance cameras to identify items, individuals, and points of interest related to the case. Security camera footage can reveal vital information about the victims and others involved in the case, enabling players to piece together the circumstances surrounding the incident. Using the clue board, players will deduce how the evidence collected relates to unsolved cases, bringing them closer to solving these mysteries.

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