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Inti Creates has released a new trailer for the side-scrolling action game Umbraclaw introducing the cast of the game.

The trailer features the following characters:

  • Kuon (feline form) – A house cat that ended up on the Soulplane after his death. His goal is to find the cornerstones necessary to open the Boundary and return to its owner’s side.”
  • Kuon (humanoid form) – The result of Kuon absorbing a human’s soul through repeated use of Anima Revive. He runs the risk of forgetting both his true nature and everything he loves in this way.
  • Tsukumo (owner of Kuon) – Having found her when she was still a kitten, Tsukumo and Kuon had been living together ever since. Kuon served as Tsukumo’s greatest emotional support.
  • Soulbeasts: Guardians of the Keystones
    • Galvestone, the great white shark – A famous man-eating shark with countless victims during its life.
    • Alice, the rabbit – A rabbit with an unbreakable love for its owner. Consider his quest to return home as proof of love.”
    • Stuart the lyrebird – This imitator bird manifests all kinds of obstacles for Kuon with its voice.
    • Moenna, the girdled lizard – Although their incredibly sharp scales are used for defense, they can be deadly.
    • Locke the Shiba Inu – With nothing but love for his owner, he is the very definition of man’s best friend.
  • The Quaternary: holders of the keys to the border
    • Navier, ruler of the Great East River and the Miasma Cave located within – The liquids that flow endlessly from her body make her a cornerstone of the ecosystem of the eastern land.
    • Schrodinger, ruler of the western skies and Riottiger’s lair – Even in death, this Quaternary possesses an extremely powerful soul and combat ability.”
    • Georges, ruler of the southern subsoil and its volcanic extensions – This Quaternary amplifies both your soul and your strength within the crater of the Soulplane volcanoes.
    • Harland, ruler of the frozen lands north of Serac – Its aerial mode allows it to mercilessly destroy its enemies from above.

Umbraclaw will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam on May 30.

Watch the trailer below.

Cast Showcase Trailer

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