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Britain’s Alfie Hewitt spoke about his “bittersweet” battle with doubles partner and fellow Briton Gordon Reid in the US Open men’s wheelchair final.

talk on Sky Sports NewsHewitt admitted that facing his teammate was not “easy” because of the close relationship that formed in the doubles competition between them.

“Obviously it was a pleasure to win the singles, and it was a little sad to face my doubles partner, who I know very well of course and who was desperate to get the US Open title,” the player said. The 25-year-old claimed his eighth Grand Slam title on Sunday.

“It’s not easy – that’s for sure.

“We have had a very open and honest marital partnership where we have to put everything on the table in order for us to make the partnership work, and that includes getting to know each other personally.

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Highlights of the US Open final between Gordon Reed and Alfie Hewitt at Flushing Meadows in New York

“Playing each other in a Grand Slam final is tough tactically of course, but also on a personal level – I know what he had to go through the last two years after coming back from his injury.

“So, it was difficult to be able to deal with it beforehand.”

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Britain’s Alfie Hewitt said the win was “the stuff of dreams” after defeating doubles partner Gordon Reid to win his eighth Grand Slam title.

Hewitt and Reid, who have won 18 Grand Slam doubles titles, had clashed twice before on the big stage during the Paralympics, but this was the first time they had faced off at a Grand Slam.

“We’re a doubles partnership but we’re also singles players and we’ve played some very big finals and matches against each other in the past, like the gold medal match in Rio and the bronze medal match in Tokyo, so we’re familiar with that kind of dynamic,” Hewitt said.

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Alfie Hewitt says he feels proud after winning his eighth Grand Slam title at the US Open in New York

“It can happen and it can happen in major tournaments – we both have our own individual team that we go to, so whenever that happens, we get to our areas and focus on what we need to do to win.”

Goals for the future: “I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

Alfie Hewitt pumps out his first US Open celebration (Pete Staples/USTA via AP)
Alfie Hewitt pumps out his first US Open celebration

At 25 years old, Hewitt only has two major tennis titles left to collect, but they are arguably the biggest.

When asked about 2024 being the year he would finally win Wimbledon and the Paralympics, Hewitt told Sky Sports he was “hungrier and more determined” after the defeat at SW19 earlier this year.

“My goals this year were Australia and Wimbledon, I achieved one and came very close to the other,” Hewitt said.

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Seven-time Grand Slam champion Alfie Hewitt coaches Sky Sports’ Emma Paton on the basics of wheelchair tennis as he prepares to defend his US Open title.

“I feel like I’m out of Wimbledon, so I put it aside because it wasn’t the way I wanted it to go, but it makes you hungrier and more determined when you come next time.

He added: “But the Paralympics are only held every four years, and Paris will be exciting, which is something I have not achieved yet, but I will not put pressure on myself because when they are held every four years, you have to be OK.” Maybe it’s not going your way.

“But I believe in myself and I’m sure I will do everything I can to prepare.

Afley Hewitt
Alfie Hewitt has now won eight Grand Slam tournaments at the age of 25

“But it’s exciting that I only have two medals left to get – there aren’t a lot of wheelchair tennis players in the men’s division who can say that, so I’ve got to see what good side I’ve been in at this position in my career.” In 25 years already.

“I don’t plan to stop anytime soon, so I’m sure those titles will be achieved one day, so I’m not trying to put pressure on myself.”

Watch highlights of Alfie Hewitt’s win over Gordon Reid on the Sky Sports website and app.

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