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Riot GamesFree strike first hero tactical shooter, bravehas received the latest 6.08 updatewhich introduces various changes to agents Gekko And kill. brave Patch 6.08 also includes several cosmetics, maps, and gameplay system updates.

as the latest version brave Customer, Gekko continues to receive new updates as Riot Games strives to provide an all-encompassing gaming experience for all players. However, in the latest Valorant Patch 6.08 update, not much has changed in Gekko’s abilities. Rather, just Minor factory Wingman (Q) sound tweaks and defuse sounds was performed, in addition to Updated Gekko’s in-game image.

Unlike Gekko, the agent balancing update seems to have been done for the sake of it brave Patch 6.08 mainly focused on Killjoy’s abilities. According to Riot Games, the developers have identified a few areas where they can improve the ways Killjoy’s abilities interact with both other players and the environment.

some Killjoy audio cues modified in brave Patch 6.08 to make it more distinct and clear when its utility is corrupted. Moreover, the revealed an increased radius on a Nanoswarm (C) To better match the damage area and make it more realistic for enemies that move methodically to track them down. Finally, the Yellow warning indicator that have been added to insurance (X) in the previous patch has been removeddue to him being so high up on screen throughout its final cut.

The following are some of the notable changes and fixes made as part of Patch 6.08, as revealed in Official brave website:


  • Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E), Orbital Strike (X), and Omen’s From the Shadows (X) have updated targeting visuals to help players accurately position themselves on the map.

Cosmetic updates

a little

  • Players who own any of the following will notice some technical updates:
    • short default
    • Little wonderkind
    • The sidekick is short
    • Karabasan Shorty
    • The second post is short
    • Little doodle buds

Map updates

Map rotation

  • The newly updated Bind is rotated into competitive and unranked queues.
  • Icebox is rotated from competitive and unranked queues.

Bug fixes

play systems

  • Fixed an issue with “Kick ally off” displaying while defusing Spike.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Spike’s farming or defusing progress bar would be sped up or reset while defusing.
  • Fixed an issue where Yoru could not drop his weapon while using Dimensional Drift (X).


  • (Fixed in patch 6.07) Fixed a bug where the Add/Remove Friend button was not available when right-clicking a group member who had the Hide my name outside my party setting turned on.
  • (Fixed in patch 6.07) Fixed a bug where banned players could not be removed from your party.
  • Fixed a bug where party invites that were no longer valid would sometimes appear as active for players.
  • Fixed a bug where the team and all chat history would be cleared after a match.
  • Fixed a bug where punctuation marks were not displayed correctly when the game language was Thai.

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