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Wartales is a gritty medieval squad-based RPG with some fantasy elements. The gameplay draws on a number of influences, with XCOM-style turn-based combat alongside real-time open-world map movement. Each character in your squad, which starts with four characters but can become much larger, is leveled individually. They can all have a craft, so there are loads of resources you’ll need to find to make the best items. In this Wartales guide, we’ll discuss the hard-to-come-by Ghost Carcass.

Which mobs drop the Ghost Carcass?

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You will receive one ghost carcass for each animal you kill that is part of a Ghost Pack. Early in the game, these Ghost Packs will initially be made up of a few Ghost Wolf and Ghost Boar mobs, but once the battle begins you will get a Nightmare (ghost horse) that will arrive as an add. Each animal you defeat will usually give you a Ghost Carcass at the end of combat.

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How to find Ghost Carcass in Wartales

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Unfortunately, there is no set spot in which you can always find mobs that drop Ghost Carcasses. On the plus side, they are available in every region, including early in the game around Tiltren County. We have found the large forests around Tracker Camps are good places to look when you start out, such as north and west of Highland Trackers’ Camp (1) and northeast of Wealthy Farm (2). But we stress that their arrival is randomized.

The important thing to remember is that you will only find a Ghost Pack at night and almost always in a forest. The best way to know that there is a Ghost Pack nearby is they are always accompanied by an eerie fog that settles over a small area of forest. When you see one, walk into it and you’ll usually find a Ghost Pack. Or it will find you…

What is a Ghost Carcass used for?

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There are two main items you can make from a Ghost Carcass at your camp:

  • White Leather: Requires a level two Tanning Rack (Blueprint becomes available via the Workshop or can be bought for 200 Pristine Fangs from Arthes Trackers’ Camp). You will get two White Leather from each Ghost Carcass.
  • Jerky: Requires a Meat Drying Rack (the Blueprint is 200 Pristine Fangs from Highland Trackers’ Camp).

It is easier to get the Meat Drying Rack and make Jerky, but White Leather is one of the premium resources in the game. While sometimes available from Trackers’ Camps, as this resource is hard to come by, we suggest saving it for when you can make it into White Leather. If you have either Blacksmith, they will need it for some Journeyman Recipes as well as for adding Armor Layers.  

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