What are the golden glowing flowers in Sumeru caves in Genshin Impression?


The Sumeru tunnels are a harmful frontier, rampant with flying serpents and Electro-infused scorpions. These caverns are scattered all around the Desert of Hadramaveth, and could be discovered each by deliberately looking out and falling via the ground. Whereas these tunnels are brimming with monsters, additionally they comprise stunning glowing flowers. Come be part of us as we clarify the aim of those glowing flowers in Genshin Impression.

What are the glowing flowers in Sumeru caves used for in Genshin Impression?

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These glowing flowers restore a portion of your stamina once you contact them. Upon passing via one in every of these flowers, half of your stamina bar shall be refilled. Comparable stamina-restoring crops could be discovered on the perimeters of timber within the Apam Woods. The aim of those flowers is to make journey simpler, since they forestall you from having to intermittently cease and wait in your stamina to replenish. These glowing flowers, together with different journey aides just like the 4-Leaf Sigils, can solely be present in Sumeru.

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Small particulars like these stamina-restoring flowers make Sumeru an gratifying area to discover. Resulting from its sheer scale, Sumeru may have been an exhausting trek from one Waypoint to a different. Nonetheless, the sport’s builders possible anticipated this concern, and solved it preemptively with the glowing flowers and 4-Leaf Sigils. These options make exploration much less of a chore and extra of a enjoyable journey. Hopefully, HoYoverse will discover the overwhelmingly optimistic reception of those mechanics and implement them in Fontaine as nicely.

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