What phases do you get augments in TFT?

One of many options that will increase the replay worth of TFT is augments, which buff your crew in a novel trend. Augments present game-changing benefits via providing objects, trait bonuses, and even increasing your most crew measurement. Augments also can assist you to refine your crew composition, empower your carry models, and obtain some additional gold. Nevertheless, they solely seem at sure phases in a TFT match. Come be part of us as we clarify the timeline of augments in TFT.

When do you get augments in TFT?

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You get augments at Levels 21, 32, and 42. One in all these three increase phases is probably going to get replaced by a hero increase, which provides a unit with a novel buff. Every increase stage gives a alternative between three augments, that are the entire identical rarity. Whereas an increase stage has the very best chance of containing silver augments, there’s a probability it would provide gold and even prismatic augments.

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You’ll be able to reroll your listing of increase decisions, however solely as soon as per sport. If you don’t choose your increase in time, you’ll be assigned one of many three at random. It’s best to match your increase along with your desired crew composition. For instance, if you’re constructing a crew of Star Guardian models, however you solely want another to realize the prismatic trait stage, then it is best to decide on an increase like Star Guardian Coronary heart. This helps fill within the gaps of your crew, permitting you to achieve larger synergies even when you don’t possess sufficient models for that trait bonus.

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