What the Fog, the cooperative roguelike spin-off of Dead by Daylight, now available for PC

Behavior Interactive has announced and launched what a fogA new two-person cooperative roguelite game set in the world of Dead by daylight. It is available for PC through Steam for $4.99. Behavior Interactive is also giving away two million copies to any user who logs in or creates a Behavior account.

In what a fogPlayers take on the role of Dwight, Claudette, or Feng Min and work together to survive as they run, jump, and shoot their way through an army of monsters and bosses.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:


what a fog answers the age-old question: What would happen if you and a friend were swallowed by a cursed board game? You’d get a 2-person co-op roguelite filled with magical powers, non-stop action, and tons of monsters, that’s what. Learn to use your new skills and work as a team as you run, jump and shoot your way through swarms of enemies, collect blood points, repair generators and unlock exit doors in this chaotic world of war game. Dead by daylight.

Key Features

  • Friends of the fog – Teamwork is the name of the game. Or it would be if it weren’t already What the Fog. The point is that killing monsters is always better together. Choose between Dead by daylight‘s Dwight, Claudette or Feng Min and strategize your upgrades to create loadouts that complement each other. Then stay in the action even after dying, helping your companion hold out until he can revive you.
  • monster mash – Everything you see is destined to kill you. The least you can do is return the favor. Destroy swarms of enemies and take down bosses to earn blood points. Platform through dangerous terrain to find and repair generators. Activate its runes to improve your character. Survive and eliminate the fog!
  • Do not be afraid – We get it, roguelites can be intense! Fortunately, What the Fog’s combat and upgrades are easy to understand, and its 8 different difficulty levels allow you to find the perfect challenge no matter your skill level. Focus on fast and exciting racing fun through increasingly wild, randomly generated levels.

Watch the launch trailer below. See a set of screenshots in the gallery.

Launch Trailer


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