What year does Jedi Survivor take place

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes us on a journey of Cal Kestis, a lone Jedi Knight, on his quest to defeat the Galactic Empire. The game doesn’t specifically tell us at which point in the Star Wars saga it is set but merely showed me a brief recap of the Fallen Order at the beginning. The sequence didn’t succeed in jogging my memory, having played the game a long time ago, and if you didn’t play it at all, it probably gave you more questions than answers.

What year is Star Wars Jedi Survivor set in?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set in the year of 9 BBY. Chronologically, it sits about five years after the events of its prequel, Fallen Order. BBY is a galactic dating system that measures events during the Galactic Civil War, where the acronym stands for Before Battle of Yavin, a critical turning point in the history of Star Wars and a major Rebel victory against the empire. This reference means that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor events take place nine years before the Battle of the Death Star depicted in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

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The story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues to follow Cal Kestis on his mission to fight the Galactic Empire and restore the Jedi Order to its former glory. He is a former padawan of Jaro Tapal, a Jedi master who died during the Jedi purge, known as Order 66 while trying to save Cal’s life. You can learn more about Cal’s life by playing the previous title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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