Where to get Titanium in Starfield

In Starfield, players can collect various unique resources required for crafting and upgrades. One such rare element is Titanium which is used extensively for crafting, building, and research. Although, getting this item might be a hassle given the extensive exploration of the vast galaxy. Naturally, you need to know where to find this resource and how to get it in Starfield.

Where to find Titanium in Starfield

You can find Titanium easily in the Sol System by exploring the Titan (Moon of Saturn) and Pluto. To harvest and mine this element, break the rocky deposits, or build a harvester at an Outpost on these planets. While orbiting new and unique planets with your spaceship, scan them by pressing R (on the keyboard) to see which natural elements and resources are available. Check the images above to see the locations. Titanium is symbolized as (Ti) and you can find this material in the following places in the galaxy:

  • Titan (Moon of Saturn)
  • Pluto (located in the Sol System)
  • Proyocon II (located in Proyocon A System)
  • Vega II-B (Moon of the Vega II planet)

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I got most of the Titanium from exploring and mining on Titan (Moon of Saturn) and Pluto. Once you have located the planets that serve as a constant source of Titanium, land there, pull out the scanner, and use the Cutter weapon to break down the deposits.

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Apart from scouring planets, there is an easier way of getting Titanium. There are plenty of vendors and merchants who keep a good stock of resources and raw materials. It’s always worth checking these stores for materials that you might need. As for Titanium, I found it at Jane’s Goods, located in the Residential Area in Cydonia of Mars (Sol System). I bought Titanium for 10 credits, and players having Commerce skill unlocked can purchase items from vendors at a 10 percent discount.

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