Wildfrost True Ending & Final Boss Guide

As a tabletop gamer, I’ve loved watching tactical card games become a massive part of the video game world. It’s great to be able to play versus a challenging AI, plus you can do things on screen it’s hard or fiddly to replicate on the table. One example is putting individual battles into a bigger world, which Wildfrost does brilliantly. It’s so rewarding when you beat the game the first time. But is it final? Well, no. If like me you thought you had the game beat, think again. To get to the true ending of Wildfrost, read on for our final boss guide.

Wildfrost True Ending Guide

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I’m going to assume that you’ve completed the game and come up against the Victory? Screen, which very much suggests this isn’t the end. This unlocks a Modifier Bell, which you can equip before your next run to make the game a little more difficult. On completion at this new difficulty level, you’ll get a second Modifier Bell and, once completing again (with both bells equipped), you’ll earn your third. Equip all three Modifier Bells, go again, and you’re finally on the run where you can get the true ending and the final boss battle.

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On this final run, there is one extra wrinkle you need to pay attention to. As you progress on the map, some events will be marked with an eerie glow. Head for these and, after the first encounter, you’ll have the opportunity to buy or pick up a Broken Vase. This is an annoying, useless card that clogs your deck. But not for long. Head for a second similar event and this time you’ll get access to Lumin Goop. This will then combine with your Broken Vase to give you the Lumin Vase, a powerful effect that doubles a character’s effects.

Wildfrost Final Boss

To get to the final boss, you’ll have to complete the usual (not the) final boss battle having collected the Lumin Vase. Once you win that fight, you’ll return to the main map and a new area, The Heart of The Storm, will become available. Enter it, and you’ll be entering the Wildfrost fight of your life against six massive Frost mobs. I haven’t beaten it yet. But if it wasn’t a super tough boss fight, it wouldn’t really be a true ending now, would it?

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