Windjammers 2 Major Free Update Now Available – Adds New Characters, Modes, Online Lobbies, and Cross-Play – Gematsu

Dotemu has released a major free update for Windjammers 2which adds new playable characters Jamma GX03 and Anna Szalinski, as well as “Lessons” and “Practice” modes, and new online features such as lobbies and full cross-play.

Here’s an overview of the update, via Dotemu:

New characters

  • JammaGXO3 – Jamma GX03 makes its debut in the Flying Power Disc Federation, an android whose well-balanced power and speed can rival the best on the court. Main sponsor Todemu created Jamma GX03 to combat falling viewership numbers, but in doing so his creation promises to herald a new era of competition in the prestigious sport of windjamming and is already showing promise as a fan favorite .
  • Anna Szalinski – Also joining the list is Polish Anna Szalinski, an orphan who grew up in the circus before fleeing. Honing her skills as a slower but extremely powerful weightlifter, she is determined to win the cup and use her new position to defend animals and get revenge on the circuses that mistreat them.

New modes

  • Lessons – Lessons allow jammers to learn all the moves in How to Play mode, delving into movement, shots (lob, curb, slap and drop), jumps and super shots.
  • Practice – Practice mode allows players to play against a CPU through a host of settings including Force duty, a variety of difficulty levels, and more.

New online features

  • Lobbies – Join or create a lobby to play with friends using a password and use a variety of settings to create the ultimate group of enemy blockers.
  • crossplay – Cross-play allows Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players to join Steam and Xbox players in online matches.

Note on online rankings

A note to players on all platforms: the online leaderboard will be cleared and reset with the new features now available, so prestige and glory are now back up for grabs across all territories and platforms.

Windjammers 2 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC through Steam and Microsoft Store.

Watch a new trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Launch trailer for the important free update

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