Witch & Lilies launches in early access on May 24


The bonds between girls will be the key to the adventure! Witch and lilies is a unique role-playing game title that combines classic and immersive dungeon crawling elements with girl-on-girl romance. Form a group of five from a selection of 10 job classes and try to conquer the labyrinth left by the witch of the world’s creation, while cultivating relationships between the girls.

Respecting the classic Dungeon Crawler

A complete 3D dungeon crawler that combines deep turn-based combat and vast dungeon exploration!

Players lead their party to explore extensive dungeons and aim to conquer the deepest floors to uncover the mysteries left by the witch of the world’s creation. Dark caves, underground lakes, volcanoes, ancient ruins… the floors of the labyrinth have various characteristics, and each one hides terrifying but distinctive monsters adapted to their environment.

Battles against monsters are turn-based command battles.

The bonds between the girls will also play an important role in these nostalgic but profound strategic battles. Experiment with party composition and skill combinations to strategize against powerful and dangerous monsters.

Create your own characters with 10 unique jobs

Choose skills from the skill tree to nurture characters and form your own party!

As a party leader, players organize a party of up to five characters from 10 different job classes.

For example, there are warriors skilled in melee attacks, knights who protect the party, mages with powerful magic and great firepower, and scouts skilled in dissolving traps and reconnaissance. Each job class has distinctive stats and abilities, allowing you to assign specific roles to your characters. Through skill development based on the skill tree, characters can evolve into completely different skills.

Bonds between girls are the key to adventure

The preference among girls varies according to the advice of the players. As bonds deepen and pairs form, they gain additional strength in the adventure battles!

Among the girls at the gamers’ party there are levels of liking and dissatisfaction. When taste reaches a certain level, the characters progress to dates and confessions, and eventually become lovers. As lovers, they will be able to protect each other in battle and unleash powerful joint attacks, providing an important advantage in the adventure. Dates and confessions are events that can develop differently depending on the characters’ personalities.

However, love is not always simple. Sometimes girls can experience breakups. Even lovers may have broken up, or someone else may take the love interest and become jealous.

As the leader of the group, the Players order and lead the pairing of girls according to their compatibilities. Players must consider which couples will be effective for their adventure and satisfy the players’ tastes while managing the girls’ relationship. It all depends on the strategy and preferences of the players.

Watch a new trailer below.

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