Wizard with a Gun ‘Better Together’ Update Launches May 13, Adds Four-Player Co-Op

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Galvanic Games will release the “Better Together” update for the cooperative sandbox survival game. Magician with a gun on May 13, the companies announced. It will add four-player cooperative play to the game, which currently only supports two players.

Get the details below.

Take your co-op magic to new arcane heights in Better Together, a free content update for Magician with a gun That finally brings four-player cooperative play.

Journey to Shatter with up to three fellow Gunmancers on your team, choosing from four new pre-set difficulty levels. Or create your own custom difficulty mode, adjusting variables to make the game harder or easier. Magician with a gun It has never been more accessible or more challenging.

Back in the Tower, unlock the Library, a new building, to discover fascinating knowledge about Shatter, Chaos, and many other mysteries of Magician with a gunThe fractured world. Rebuild the Voidskimmer airship with materials collected by hunting rare enemies. He then opens the door to the Oculus and experiences the exciting conclusion to the main story of Magician with a gun.

Prepare for a new and challenging experience where greater firepower brings greater rewards. So grab your party, mount up and prepare for battle. Magician with a gunThe most dangerous challenges yet!

Magician with a gun is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC through Steam. A Switch version is also planned.

Watch a new trailer below.

“Better Together” Update Release Date Trailer

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