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Roblox Pet Simulator X is one of the biggest games on the platform, so when they release a new update, people are clamoring to try the new content! With the new additions to the game come many questions about how things work. If you want to know what happens with the Giant Pinata event in the game, we will tell you how to do it in this guide.

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Countdown to the giant pinata event

Here’s the countdown until the next Giant Pinata begins:

0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 35 seconds

Giant pinata event

The Giant Pinata event in Roblox Pet Simulator X happens every 4 hours, starting at 12 PM CDT. A large breakable pinata will appear in the birth world in the city area. Players can then send their pets afterwards to unlock them. Players get a whopping 10x chance when you crack that pine, so it’s worth doing if you’re online when you spawn.

The pinata egg that you will get when you break Giant Pinata contains Sombrero Cat, Sombrero Chihuahua, Piñata Cat, Piñata Dog and Huge Pinata Cat.

That’s all you need to know about the Giant Pinata event in the game! You can find more information about the game in the Pet Simulator X part of our website.


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