Xbox is reportedly discussing putting Call of Duty on Game Pass along with the price hike

Microsoft is reportedly discussing putting Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass along with a price increase for the subscription service. This is from a new report edge That follows news earlier this week that Xbox is closing some of its Bethesda studios, including Hi-Fi Rush team Tango Gameworks and Redfall developer Arcane Austin.

of The Verge Tom Warren writes, “Microsoft is having internal discussions about whether to put new releases of Call of Duty on Game Pass. I understand this has been an ongoing discussion internally for some time, with some concerned that the revenue Call of Duty normally generates for Activision Blizzard will be diluted by Game Pass.”

It touches on potential problems that players and analysts have pointed out with Xbox’s strategy. After spending billions on acquisitions in recent years, Xbox needs to make more money. However, being a platform game pass is a big draw. Ideally, big new releases and critical hits like Hi-Fi Rush and Call of Duty games would bring in a large swath of new subscribers, making up for the loss of full-price sales caused by Game Pass. But Game Pass subscriptions peak around 2019 to 2021, or something like a new Call of Duty (always the best-selling game of any given year) shouldn’t launch on Game Pass.

In addition to this discussion, of The Verge The report says that Microsoft is also considering raising the price of Game Pass Ultimate again, though this and the Call of Duty debate are just considerations and may remain.

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(Source: edge)

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