XDefiant classes not saving bug – How To Fix

The XDefiant beta has been plagued with its share of bugs and problems, including server issues, but that hasn’t stopped players from trying to power through them to play the game. One major annoyance is classes not saving, which is quite rough for a game that has all sorts of weapons and attachments. Here’s a look at some fixes.

How to fix classes not saving bug in XDefiant

There’s no guaranteed fix for this bug, but some players have reported various methods working for them, and that means they could potentially work for you as well. The first method is creating the class, and then promptly restarting the game whether it’s on console or PC.

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Other players are saying creating the custom class while in the midst of the map voting process keeps it saved for them. With XDefiant being in beta, problems like this are expected and hopefully they’ll be fixed upon release.

How to fix classes not saving on PC in XDefiant

PC players can take things a step further and delete files of the game itself, as laid out in this Reddit post. Not every player has said the method has worked for them, but some are saying it worked, so it’s worth a shot.

At the end of the day, it’ll come down to Ubisoft making a fix for this as it’s a major annoyance for players to keep recreating their classes. The beta itself has been hit with plenty of issues, but chances are good those will be ironed out in time for the official release.

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