Action stunt-racer game, Jected – Rivals, launches in Early Access next month


publisher THQ North has been officially revealed Jected – competitorsan upcoming arcade-style racing game set to launch in Early Access next month.

THQ North Jected – competitors It offers an insane mix of extreme sports, vehicular destruction, and neck-breaking speeds Winner-takes-all elimination tournament among 18 players. Developed by Boo Wow EntertainmentThe game is all about making the biggest jumps, fastest stunts and bone-crunching explosions.

Jected – competitors It was initially developed as a technology offering by THQ Nordic’s debris development team and it was originally called Stuntfest: World Tour. Jected – competitors Now scheduled to enter Early access May 4 for PC via Steam. Check out some of the exciting features of Jected – competitors in a new trailer from THQ Nordic’s official Youtube channel:

in Jected – competitorsIn this game, players will be able to customize their experience by choosing from a wide range of vehicles and playable characters to suit their preferred play style. The game has a unique design ejection mechanism, which allows players to send their characters into the air with the click of a button and gain an advantage over their competitors. Players will have complete control of their characters even as they race across the sky and bump into obstacles.

In addition, there will also be tools, such as jetwingAnd secret shortcuts that players can take advantage of to beat their competition. in order to win in Unrivaled hero For the championship title, players will need to compete 18 other players in 4 different events.

With its fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled gameplay, Jected – competitors It is sure to be a huge hit among racing game lovers. Other notable features include detailed car models and environments that help bring out the immersive and fast-paced world Jected – competitors.

You can add Jected – competitors for you steam Wishlists are now notified when they become available.


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