Aliens: Fireteam Elite launches on Switch, adds a free new update


Aliens: Fireteam Elitea third-person survival shooter from the developer Cold Iron Studioswas officially released on Nintendo Switch today and introduced a free update to Terminal Fit.

Like new today Aliens: Dark Origin pre-order trailer, Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s New content and a Switch port line up with this year’s Alien Day, a celebration of the original movie that references the terrifying moon LV-426.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and current or recent PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Here’s a Nintendo Switch launch trailer from Aliens: Fireteam Elite YouTube channel:

The new Terminal Containment update is now live, adding a new fourth Horde map and more cosmetic rewards. For details on all of the new content, you can watch the full Terminal Containment trailer at Aliens: Fireteam Elite YouTube channel:

Of course, the new horde map Terminal Containment is the highlight of today’s update, as the only new gameplay content. But there aren’t many details about the design or features in today’s teaser, which is mostly cinematic.

The description of the trailer states that the central control room is the main point of interest, where players can easily create defenses, but also easily become surrounded. The developers have been coming up with some very balanced map designs, so hopefully Terminal Fit will follow suit.

Of course, players are sure to work hard to master terminal containment in order to pick up the “Game Over” sticker. The quote is simply too iconic to ignore, and it’s surprising the poster wasn’t already available. Otherwise, the in-game rewards are a bit underwhelming.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is an unexpectedly satisfying shooter, with enough theme, attitude, and action to warrant the distinction left 4 dead effects. It’s great to see that developers are still investing enough to get free updates like this, and fans sure hope to see more.

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