How to fix ‘Login Error, Please Try Again’ error in Honkai Star Rail


If, like me, you’re rushing to jump into Honkai: Star Rail, the latest RPG from HoYoverse, there’s a high chance you’ve encountered a login issue, whether it’s an endless loading screen or an error code, because the servers are overpopulated. Here’s how to fix ‘Login Error, Please Try Again’ in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to fix ‘Login Error, Please Try Again’ in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail received over 10 million pre-registrations, meaning a large number of that jumped in as soon as the game went live…Or tried to, anyway. Because of the high traffic on HoYoverse’s servers, players have been encountering issues, including the ‘Login Error, Please Try Again’ error.

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There are a handful of possible solutions that you can try, though it’s worth noting that this particular error is on HoYoverse’s end, so there’s not much that can be done from your side:

  • Log in again—The most obvious answer, but sometimes, brute force is the only way to get a job done. Keep trying to log in; eventually, it should let you in.
  • Restart Honkai: Star Rail—Some players have reportedly seen success by exiting the game completely and then rebooting it. If you’re on mobile, force-close the app.
  • Restart the Honkai: Star Rail launcher (PC)—If rebooting the game doesn’t work, try restarting the entire launcher, whether it’s the native Honkai launcher or Epic Games.
  • Try again later—Unfortunately, if none of the above work, your only other option is to wait it out.

It took me two restarts and around eight failed login attempts to finally get into Honkai: Star Rail, so keep trying. It may take a while depending on server traffic but you’ll get there!

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