All Apex Legends Arsenal Updates – POI changes, Weapon Mastery, Evac Towers, & more

Apex Legends: Arsenal is the 17th Season, bringing new changes to the game. Not only will Season 17 introduce the new Legend Ballistic, but also massive changes to the world of Apex Legends. Dropping into action in Season 17, players can find new POI changes to World’s Edge, a new weapon tracking feature, a new in-game item, and more. Here are the changes in Apex Legends: Arsenal.

Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 17 Changes

Although there is no new map for Season 17, there will be significant changes made to World’s Edge, the second map introduced to the battle royale. World’s Edge was first released in Season 3 and has remained a favorite map for many players. In Season 17, World’s Edge has partially recovered from the damage caused by the drilling construction and rocket launch back in Season 10. Here are all the POIs that have changed.

World’s Edge Monument POI

The Monument POI is a location in-between Fragment East and West. The area has been rebuilt, with buildings and a new large monument to visit right in the middle of the map. The area now has more cover, as Fragment East and West is a very active spot for drops and large gunfights.

World’s Edge Stacks POI

The tower that divided many players in the middle of the map has now been moved. Many players have fallen victim to teams hunkering down in the Stacks POI located outside of Fragment on World’s Edge. The POI has now been moved next to the Lava City and Big Maude at the edge of the map. No longer will players have to worry about moving around the middle of the map to be sniped by teams at the top of the Stacks building.

World’s Edge POI updates

Image via EA

There are a few smaller updates to World’s Edge that players can notice when dropping into the action. Areas with lava are now walkable instead of the vertical updraft system that caused many problems around the outside of Fragment.

With the vertical updraft gone, Harvester also gets an update with new ziplines running toward a middle platform surrounded by lava. You will still take damage from lava, but now players can loot and position around the area beneath Harvester.

A new vault has been added near Skyhook, which gives players a higher chance of getting to a vault instead of having to traverse the entire map to get to the closest one. Additionally, Skyhook now has been covered in snow, revealing new pathways and giving an aesthetic makeover.

The Mirage a Trois ship has finally settled into the map, becoming a permanent POI on World’s Edge where it has been previously parked and moved.

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Apex Legends Weapon Mastery Feature

Image via EA

New in Apex Legends Season 17 is the Weapon Mastery feature. Players can earn XP with individual weapons by wielding them, doing damage, and securing kills with each weapon. Leveling up weapons can unlock rewards, and every 20 levels, players will be given a challenge to complete with that weapon. The Weapon mastery feature will also give players weapon-specific badges, new stat trackers, Legendary banners, and a guaranteed gold weapon skin.

What are Evac Towers in Apex Legends?

Evac Towers are a new in-game item introduced in Season 17 of Apex Legends. Players can collect deployable Evac Towers, which can be placed for a one-time team use to create an Evac Tower to quickly re-position in a battle royale game. Evac Towers use the same item slots as Heat Shields and Deployable Respawn Beacon, so players will only be able to hold one of them at a time.

Apex Legends Season 17 Firing Range Changes

In Apex Legends Season 17, the Firing Range also gets an upgrade, adding new areas and activities to participate in. The Firing Range has been expanded, adding a new Agility Course, Duel Pit, and POI-sized town. Players can now customize dummies, track dynamic stats, and shoot at improved targets.

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