All Artisanship Commission Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai Star Rail

Artisanship Commission is probably one of the worst treasure maps to navigate in early Honkai: Star Rail. There are only three access points, dozens of corridors, and a ton of those teleporters I personally hate. Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to all treasure chests in the Artisanship Commission on The Xianzhou Lufou. We even have maps for you to follow!

Honkai Star Rail – Where to find all Treasure Chests in the Artisanship Commission

First off, remember that if you’re unable to reach any of the areas indicated on our maps, take note of the dotted lines that connect some platforms. Those mean that there is a teleporter that connects those two areas and that you should use them.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

There’s even an arrow that points toward the direction(s) the Teleporters can take you. Teleporters can rotate.

All yellow stars on our map indicate that there is a Basic Treasure Chest there. The green “X” is the Warp Trotter and cyan gears are for puzzles that reward you with a chest. The puzzles here are easier compared to the ones in the Divination Commission.

Image by Pro Game Guides
Image by Pro Game Guides

The Warp Trotter’s location is where Dan Heng starts his Xianzhou Lufou adventure in part one with two companions. It should look familiar.

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If you are still unable to access certain areas, proceed with the main story until you defeat the giant regenerating deer. The Artisanship Commission should be the last location with treasure chests in The Xianzhou Lufou. Congrats, you’re nearly out of there!

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