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AS you progress through Honkai: Star Rail and start building your characters, some common questions come up. Where are Relics farmed? When should I start farming Relics? Which ones are the best to farm? How do I know whether to keep or salvage a Relic? I’m here to answer those exact questions. Here’s a comprehensive Relic Farming Guide for Honkai: Star Rail.

Where are Relics farmed in Honkai Star Rail?

There are six distinct Relic pieces that you can equip to all characters in Honkai: Star Rail. Relic Sets are made of four pieces: Head, Hands, Feet, and Body. There are also two Relic pieces included in Planar Ornament Sets: Spheres and Link Ropes.

Relic Sets are farmed in Caverns of Corrosion, whereas Planar Ornament Sets can only be farmed in the Simulated Universe.

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When should I start farming Relics in Honkai Star Rail?

I recommend that you don’t start farming Relics until you have reached Equilibrium Level Five. To do so, you’ll need to reach Trailblazer Level 60 and conquer The Trail of the Equilibrium: Part Five. This probably seems like too long of a time, but I have my reasons.

No matter what level of challenge you take on in the Caverns of Corrosion, you’ll need to spend 30 Trailblaze Power. If you farm Relics before Equilibrium Level Five, you’ll be spending Trailblaze power without the ability to guarantee receiving Five-Star Relics. Any Four-Star Relics you receive will eventually be scrapped. In the early game, your Trailblaze Power is better spent on guarantee ways to boost your characters power via Character Ascension materials, Path Trace materials, and common EXP materials.

You can farm some Planar Ornaments sooner, but we recommend only using BLANKs that you receive as a reward for completing Simulated Universe levels. This is the only game mode where they can be spent, anyway. Until you can guarantee Five-Star pieces, don’t use your own Trailblaze Power for this.

Which Relics are the best to farm in Honkai Star Rail?

At first, I’d recommend farming some Relics for your defensive characters, as survivability is crucial in the early game. This includes the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set that you’ll be farming for a healer, like Natasha. It can be found in the Path of Drifting Cavern of Corrosion, along with the Musketeer of Wild Wheat Set, a good universal set for attackers that will get you through until you can farm more specific sets.

As far as Planar Ornaments go, I’d recommend waiting until you can challenge World Five or World Six to pull relics, as the Planar Ornaments found here, the are crucial for boosting Critical Stats on your damage dealers.

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How do I know whether to keep or salvage a Relic in Honkai Star Rail?

At first, you’ll only be worried about what Main Stat a Relic has, regardless of the Relic set. This is especially true for the Four-Star Relics you’ll use to get you through the early game. Keep the Four-Star Relics that have a Main Stat that you want for a character. Salvage the rest.

Once you are ready to start farming specific sets, make do with Five-Star Relics that have the main stat that you want, even if the sub-stats of the Relic are not ideal. Once replaced, you can scrap any four-star relics in your inventory.

You should only worry about a Five-Star Relic’s Sub-Stats once most of your characters have a full set of six Five-Star Relics each. Then you can farm and scrap as much as you like, fighting through RNG hell to find the diamonds in the rough.

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