All Burden of Proof Evidence Locations in Starfield

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There are plenty of extra activities to complete around the Settlements, but without a doubt, one that you will want to try at least once is joining the Vanguard. This will lead to a super special line of quests where you can go undercover with the Crimson Fleet. As an undercover agent, it’s up to you to gather evidence against the pirates for the UC and bring them to justice. There is plenty of evidence out there to gather, so we put together a list of places you can find some to make it a bit easier!

Where to find evidence against the Crimson Fleet in Starfield

The evidence you need to collect for the quest “Burden of Proof” will come in the form of slates. These are white tape recording items that you can listen to or read. They will also be titled with the word evidence right on them, so you know you’re getting the right thing.

There are several different locations where you’ll find these slates. Some of them are right in the Crimson Fleet base, The Key, and others while you are completing the missions with them. You won’t be required to find all available ones, but you will need a specific amount to finish the quest properly. Plus, all evidence you turn in you will be paid extra for. Here’s a list of all the ones we’ve found:

Naeva Meetup

You can find this evidence right toward the beginning of the quest line when you first meet Adler Kemp in Cydonia on Mars. In the bar, Broken Spear, you’ll find the slate, Naeva Meetup, on the table directly behind where he is sitting.

Mira’s Demise

The Mira’s Demise evidence is located in the Bunks area of The Key. Head forward down the hall until you get to the very back of the rooms, and then take a left at the black skull graffiti on the wall. It will be in the room with the large barbell weight on the floor, on top of a green case.

Request A17

This piece of evidence, Request A17, is found near the Docking Bay of The Key, within Jazz’s small Ship Services office area. You’ll find it tucked away on her desk, just to the right of her computer.

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Voss’s Parts

Voss’s Parts evidence is found in the main control room of The Key, on the upper level, just above the doorway leading to the Captain’s Quarters. Take the stairs up and head to the left corner where you’ll find Delgado’s personal computer. Up and to the left on top of the console, you’ll see the evidence slate.

Gennady Ayton

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This piece of evidence is a little more unique than the others because you can only obtain it while completing a side quest for The Key medic, Samina. You can find her in the Med Bay of The Key, and speaking to her will allow you to offer to help her pick up supplies.

You’ll head to The Clinic starstation, where you’ll speak to the supplier, Gennady Ayton. Just behind him, on some stacked cases, you’ll see the evidence slate marked Gennady Ayton evidence.

Carter’s Gig

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The evidence, Carter’s Gig, is found while completing the mission “Echoes of the Past,” where you’ll accompany the Crimson Fleet to an abandoned UC prison on The Lock. You’ll have to continue following the mission until you come to Carter’s Locker, where you’ll find the evidence slate inside.

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Warden’s Log

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This next piece of evidence, Warden’s Log, is also found while completing the mission “Echoes of the Past” and exploring The Lock. You’ll eventually come to the Warden’s Office, where you’ll be able to find the evidence slate sitting on some cases or the desk somewhere inside. I found it on top of the stand just right of where Mathis is leaning.

NOTE: This is a work in progress and we will keep adding more as we locate them, so stay tuned!

These are all the evidence slates we have found so far, but keep checking back for more to add to your collection. You’ll need to keep working through the Crimson Fleet missions to pick up more. The more evidence you turn in, the better because you’ll be paid nicely for each one. Happy hunting, agent!

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