All Dumpster Dead Drops in DMZ – Trash Can Locations


Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ features a massive open world in which players can engage in a variety of events and activities. Dumpster Dead Drops are a crucial gameplay element in which you can deposit items to reduce your insured weapon cooldown. More important, faction missions also task players to pick up items from and deliver valuables to the Dead Drops.

All Dead Drop Locations in Al Mazrah DMZ

Image by Pro Game Guides

As of Warzone 2 Season 3, there are six Dead Drops located across Al Mazrah, which we’ve shown on the map above. Below, we’ve listed all of these Dead Drops showing their exact location.

1. Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop

2. Akhdar Village Dead Drop (Not mentioned for any faction mission)

3. Al Sharim Pass Dead Drop

4. Zaya Observatory Dead Drop

5. Zarqwa Hydroelectric

6. Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

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All Dead Drop Locations in Ashika Island DMZ

Image by Pro Game Guides

The Ashika Island map has four Dead Drops that you’ll have to visit for various faction missions.

1. Residential District Dead Drop

2. Town Center / Science Center Dead Drop

3. Beach Club Dead Drop

4. Waterways Dead Drop

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