All Keys locations in Bel-Air in Dead Island 2 and how to get them


Dead Island 2 is a post-apocalyptic first-person zombie survival game where players pick their heroes and try to escape the city of angels, now aptly called HELL-A. To accomplish this daunting task, the players will need all the available tools. Keys provide access to many useful supplies and weapons stashed away securely by other survivors or their owners pre-apocalypse. Getting keys to such hideaways will give players an edge in fighting the undead. In this guide, we will help you locate all the Keys in the Bel-Air stage of Dead Island 2.

Where to find all Bel-Air Keys in Dead Island 2

In the following list, you will be able to see where all the Keys are in the Bel-Air region of Dead Island 2 and how to get to them.

This list is still a work in progress since there are a lot of secrets and hidden content in the game. We will update it as soon as we find out more.

How to get Landscaper Keys in Dead Island 2

To get the Landscaper Keys in Dead Island 2, you must have defeated Butcho the Clown to spawn a named zombie called Green Thumb Eddie. After that boss fights, travel back to Bel-Air, specifically, Colt Swanson’s mansion, the mansion you wake up in at the start of the game. Eddie will spawn in or around the estate; all you need to do is kill it and loot the Landscaper Keys.

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Where to find Eddie’s Toolbox in Dead Island 2

You can find Eddie’s Toolbox in Dead Island 2 just outside the back entrance of Emma Jaunt’s leading to Alpine Drive. Just before the gate, you’ll see a white truck. In the boot is the Toolbox you can unlock.

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How to get Coaches Keys in Dead Island 2

To get the Coaches Keys in Dead Island 2, you must defeat a named zombie called Coach Ace. The coach zombie appears at the tennis courts to the left of the starting house you wake up in. You can get there after leaping the gate from Emma’s home leading to Access Rd 782, going straight ahead to the open gate, and past the pool.

Coach’s Car Location

Coach’s Car location is at the bottom of Access Rd 782, just before it joins onto 781, outside the southernmost entrance to Emma’s Jaunts place. Look for a black SUV.

How to get Cable Guys Keys in Dead Island 2

To get the Cable Guy Keys in Dead Island 2 by finding a named zombie called The Cable Guy. However, this zombie doesn’t appear until you have begun or completed the O Michael, Where Art Thou? main quest. The Cable Guy zombie appears on Alpine Dr, the road between Goat Pen Mansion and Emma Jaunts.

Where to find the Cable Guys Car in Dead Island 2

The Cable Guys Car in Dead Island 2 is on the same road you find the Cable Guy, just north of Goat Pens Mansion.

How to get Mailman Keys in Dead Island 2

Found by completing the My Mailman was a Zombie Lost and Found quest.

How to get Curtis Safe Keys in Dead Island 2

To get Curtis Safe Keys in Dead Island 2, you must find a named zombie called Crystal the Lawyer. After being kicked out of Emma’s house on Glitterati Corner, we found this zombie, where the truck with red explosion barrels. If she’s not there because she’s tied to Curtis, she’ll be around that area, albeit inside his house or thereabouts.

How to get Curtis Garage Keys in Dead Island 2

To get Curtis’ Garage key in Dead Island 2, head to the garages to the left of the side entrance to his home. To the left of the black car, there’s a switch. Hit it to open the left garage door. Fend off the zombies inside, and then head in. At the back wall are fragile wooden crates. Destroy them to reveal an opening you can crouch under. Do so, and on the workbench are Curtis’s Garage Keys.


How to get Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2

To get Goat Pen Master keys, you must wait until you have completed the events of Halperin Hotel, namely the mission Call the Cavalry. Make your way back to Goat Pen Mansion, specifically the bowling alley on the bottom floor. Go towards the pins, and you’ll find a Goat Pen Zombie. Destroy him, and he’ll drop the keys.

How to get Brocks Safe Keys in Dead Island 2

To get Brock Safe Keys in Dead Island 2, after completing Call the Calvary main story missions at Halperin Hotel, you’ll return to Bel-Air once it’s night. Go to Goat Pens Mansion and head to the gym. Inside you’ll encounter Brock. Kill Brock to obtain the keys.

Brock’s Safe Location in Dead Island 2

Brock’s Safe location in Dead Island 2 is in Brock’s Bedroom. Head to the second floor of Goat Pen, the same floor as the entrance to the place., via the circular staircase. When at the top, turn left and left again to enter the bedroom. To the left of the bed, built into the wall, is Brock’s Safe.

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