All Phasmophobia Video Cameras and Tripods, explained


Ghosts are scary, and I have definitely run screaming from homes in Phasmophobia. Sometimes I run so quickly that I miss the thing that was doing the scaring, but no more! With the addition of cameras and tripods, I can capture footage of ghosts while running away and watch it later. These items will make being a ghost detective much easier and safer, so let’s take a look at the available cameras and tripods in Phasmophobia.

All Phasmophobia Cameras and Tripods Listed

With the addition of video cameras and tripods, it becomes much easier to capture evidence of ghosts and paranormal activity. You can even survey areas from the safety of your van with the right camera and tripod combination.

That said, there are different video cameras and tripods to choose from. These come in various tiers with higher tiers providing better equipment. These will be harder to get your hands on, so don’t be surprised if you are stuck using lesser quality gear at first. Here are all the cameras and tripods in Phasmophobia.

All Phasmophobia Video Cameras

  • Camcorder – Tier I
    • Old beat up handheld caemra.
  • Parasonic Video Camera – Tier II
    • Handheld camera capable of HD footage. Makes finding orbs easier but ghosts cause interference.
  • Movie-grade Video Camera – Tier III
    • Handheld camera with a larger scree, clearer video feed, and less interference from ghosts.

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All Phasmophobia Tripods

  • Old Tripod – Tier I
    • Stationary tripod with no other features.
  • New Tripod – Tier II
    • Features a small motorized attachment that lets you turn the camera slightly from the van.
  • Sturdy Tripod – Tier III
    • Features the same motorized attachment, but is much sturdier. This makes it harder for paranormal activity to knock it over.

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