All Power Cell Locations in Starfield

Being a part of Constellation is hard work in Starfield. After completing several missions, Sarah will suggest checking on Barrett. Naturally, Barrett has been captured by Crimson Fleet pirates, and it’s up to you to save him. Before I could begin my rescue mission, I had to power up the communications computer by finding three power cells.

Where to Find the Emergency Power Cells on Vectera in Starfield

You need to collect three power cells to get the communications computer working on Vectera. Doing so will allow you to listen to the transmission Barrett left behind and follow his position to initiate the rescue. Here is where you can find all three power cells in Starfield.

  • Inside the computer building on a shelf in the first room.
  • Next to a mech in front of your ship’s landing pad.
  • On some boxes and crates to the right of the mech.

After collecting all three power cells, return to the room with the power receivers. Place the power cells inside to power up the computer. Once you’ve done this, you can listen to the audio transmission Barrett left behind. After listening to it, head back outside.

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Speak to Lin, and she will determine the location where Barrett has been taken. You can mark Altair IV-B on your map, located in the next system to the left of Vectera. You can also recruit Lin to your crew, which is completely free. Use the map to navigate to Altair IV-B to continue your mission and rescue Barrett.

Alternative Power Cell Solution – Starfield

Alternatively, you do not need to find the power cells. If you have a single skill point in the Security skill, you can bypass this altogether. Simply select the Pull Out Data Storage option and speak to Lin. You’ll get the same outcome without having to run around looking for the power cells.

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