Between all the weird box puzzles and many (many!) twists and turns, the Stargazer Navalia map isn’t the easiest to navigate. I’m especially not a big fan of the treasure chests blending in with the other boxed-shaped objects. So, if you need help locating all those chests in Honkai: Star Rail, look no further. This guide will help you find them.

Honkai Star Rail – All Treasure Chests in Stargazer Navalia

Here’s my Stargazer Navalia Treasure Chest map. As usual, I’ve marked all Tressure Chests that can be found by roaming are marked with a yellow star. All cranes, cube puzzles, and rotating wheels are marked with a cyan gear.

Image by Pro Game Guides
Image by Pro Game Guides
Image by Pro Game Guides

The room where the Warp Trotter (green cross) can only be accessed after your battle with Kafka. The unlock mechanism is at the upper west entrance of that room.

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If you get stuck with the green/red box puzzles in one of the areas with two treasure chests in them, just remember that you need to move the green boxes to get one and the red boxes (twice to the left) to get the other. You can see the controls for both below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

There are three formidable enemies in the area. The one near the entrance is clearable in your first run, but upgrade your relics first before taking on the second and third. Good luck!

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