Amnesia: The Bunker – Halloween Update Now Available

Frictional Games has released the Halloween update for the survival horror game Amnesia: The Bunkerwhich adds the “Shell Shock” difficulty and the new Custom Mode game mode.

Get the details below.

Enter a French bunker during World War I. Surrounded by the corpses of your comrades, avoid the jaws of a lurking inhuman creature as you search for an escape. In an innovative and immersive new game design for the genre, explore the branching bunker environment in successive runs from the centrally located safe room. Keep your generator fueled so the lights don’t go out; the creature hunts freely in the dark.

After your first play of Amnesia: The BunkerCreate your own horror experience in custom mode with over 30 settings and parameters, and take on the toughest. Amnesia still experience with the “Shell Shock” difficulty.

Brand new features include:

  • New creature behaviors. That increases unpredictability.
  • Sublevel fuse system – Restore electricity to turn on the lights in each of the areas of the Bunker.
  • Unconditional health system – Lose health while bleeding, bandages stop bleeding but do not restore health, and medkits stop bleeding and restore health.
  • More randomization – Lockers and their combinations are in random locations.
  • Saving progress costs fuel.
  • Locked fuel storage room – The unlimited supply of fuel, a resource that was already difficult to access, is now locked and has its own combination located somewhere in the bunker.
  • Revolver locked in a storage cabinetand not available from the beginning.
  • The Safe Room is no longer safe.
  • New training camps level for you to practice your skills.
  • …and much more!

Amnesia: The Bunker is now available for Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through Steam and epic games store.

Watch a new trailer below.

Halloween Update Trailer

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