Anime Souls Simulator Update 14 logs and patch notes


Roblox Anime Souls Simulator recently released its update 14, which includes many exciting new features and improvements. To get you started, there is now a weekly event where players can earn 2x Souls, which gives them a boost in game currency.

In addition, the update introduces seven new heroes, a new skill, three new classes, five new swords, and three new ranks in the Hero Test. IV and V upgrades have been added, including a new category for “More Lives”. Players can now access a new Raid Boss, which comes with a new addon, and unlock new achievements.

Revenger School now includes a new main quest, and players also have access to Alchemy Land, where they can engage in alchemy to multiply their souls. To get alchemy, players can use their coins. The update also adds a private exchange feature, where players can trade skill spins, passive rolls, and curse tokens.

In addition to these new features, the update includes the Server Age feature, which allows players to view their server time for better orientation. Finally, the update includes several improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes to improve the overall gaming experience.

If you need some help, be sure to head over to Anime Souls Simulator codes page for the latest freebies available. We’ve included the official patch notes for the game below which were posted at disagreement.

  • Weekly Event: 2x Souls
  • 7 new heroes
  • New skill 1
  • 3 new classes
  • 5 new swords
  • 3 new ranks in the Hero Test
  • New upgrades IV and V
  • New Raid Boss
  • New achievements
  • Added main mission Revenger School
  • Chemistry has been added
    • Get your own alchemy with coins
    • Alchemy Multiply Souls
    • It is located in Alchemy Land
  • Private exchange has been added
    • Redeem skill spins, passive rolls, and curse tokens
  • Added server lifetime
    • See server time for better routing
  • Many improvements, bug fixes and balance changes

That’s all we know about Anime Souls Simulator’s latest update! You can find more information about a variety of different experiences in the Roblox section of our website.


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