Torchlight: Infinite Cube Quick Season details revealed


The Cube of Rapacity Season in Torchlight offers exciting gameplay in both the main story stages and the map room. Players may encounter monsters marked with greed by the Cube of Rapacity. Defeating these special enemies rewards players with a unique crystal and an item exclusive to that map, which can be taken out of the map after defeating a stage boss.

When a stage boss is defeated, a Cube of Rapacity appears, and players can submit a certain number of crystals to receive random rewards. However, excessive greed may anger the cube, causing players to lose all collected rewards. The Cube also attracts powerful bosses and special monsters, offering new challenges and greater rewards for clearing the stage.

This season introduces an exclusive talent called “Avarice Code”, allowing players to influence the rewards or challenges that the Cube offers. This enables a unique gaming experience with different seasonal talent strategies at the lowest cost.

There is more than just this season: when drawing rewards from a Cube, players may receive a Cube of Craving filled with more rare and valuable prizes. The Cube of Rapacity drops a unique item called “Coveted Beats”, which can be traded to black market merchants for precious goods.

Special monsters drop another item, “Coveted Cores”, which serve as tokens to challenge the High Chief, Lord Pyreros, Supreme Court Justice of Desire. This archenemy presents a daunting challenge, but defeating Lord Bearerus rewards players with special and highly sought-after items, including a new season-exclusive item, the “Unifying Wedge”, used to restore the Divine Plates.

The Divinity Slate, a key component of the new God statue system, is introduced this season. The New Deity gave the Hunters a unique talent board, the New Deity Statue. Unlike the previous Talent Plates, Hunters can now combine multiple Divinity Plates and place them on the statue, obtaining powerful buffs. Each slate is associated with a specific deity and can hold up to two titles of random talents associated with that deity, allowing Hunters to harness the power of the six deities without restriction.

Hunters can enhance Divine Plates using a special branding method, but once they are branded, the plates become untradeable. A successful brand either adds a new nickname or upgrades an existing one. There is a small chance that the upgraded titles will transform into the New God’s exclusive talent title, ‘Divine Entropy’, giving Hunters control over order and chaos. However, each Divinity Slate has a limited number of Branding Opportunities, which makes Divine Entropy difficult to obtain.

Unwanted Divinity Slabs can be turned into Divinity Shards, which can be used to craft new random Deity Slabs or be freely traded. The new Deity also provides Hunters with access to the powerful Legendary Divinity Tablets, which contain Divine Entropy, amplify the effects of Order and Chaos, and allow Hunters to harness the power of the Six Gods to obtain stronger buffs.

New heroes: Bing and Thea

In addition to season-exclusive gameplay and new systems, Torchlight reveals new heroes for players to explore.

Bing, also known as The Escapist, is known for his flashy and powerful explosive skills. With an uncanny ability to turn anything into a powerful bomb, Bing relies on his exceptional escaping skills to survive. The hero’s first trait, Blast Nova, allowed him to load projectiles into deadly star-exploding bombs. Hunters can learn attributes to throw multiple bombs at once, attach bombs to enemies, or add special effects, with more bombs doing more damage to the explosion.

The hero attribute Thea, the avatar of the gods, transforms her from a mere conduit of divine will into a scepter-wielding deity. Thea consumes blessings to grant explosive buffs in the short term, causing indirect damage and diverting divine blessings. Outside of her Divine Realm, she transforms the blessings of tenacity into blessings of agility to deal massive damage to enemies with a full life. Within the realm, it converts agility blessings into tenacity blessings, grants defense boosts and deals damage to enemies with low life. However, Thea’s transformation comes at a cost: her body must withstand the negative effects, requiring strategic use of blessings and entry into the Divine Realm.

Escapist Bing can be unlocked by purchasing the Season Pass, while Incarnation of Gods can be obtained using Primal Crest or exchanged for Hero crests. Both heroes offer unique gameplay experiences, encouraging Hunters to strategize and adapt to new challenges in Torchlight: Infinite Cube of Rapacity Season.

New skills and mechanics

This season, Torchlight introduces a set of new skills, primarily focusing on central skills, with one Shadow strike skill and one Summer skill. Thunder Spike, the new Shadow Strike skill, guarantees a shock to enemies in a designated area when a critical hit lands, making it an essential skill for clearing maps or fighting powerful enemies.

Ghostblade and Harrier, the new central skills, summon dagger-wielding minions and a bow, respectively. These minions target and attack nearby enemies, inheriting the Hunter’s multi-hit chance bonuses and increasing their destruction potential. Thundercore, the guardian of the lightning talisman, fires numerous thunder strikes at nearby enemies, providing powerful firepower support for hunters.

Frost Core, a unique cold spell guard, extracts freeze by rating from enemies to increase damage dealt. Summon The new Synthetic Troop Summon skill, automatically summons ghosts periodically, and deals high damage when activated.

Thirteen new Legendary Gears are set for hunters this season, two of which are Supreme Law and Inner Wristbreak. These Legendary Gears grant unique powers from the New God, allowing Hunters to strategize and manage the negative effects of powerful buffs.

New mechanics include Spell Burst, a powerful upgrade system that allows for easy casting of semi-automatic spells, and the Command system, designed to summon constructs, which offers additional development paths for synthetic troop minions and increased damage potential. These new mechanics provide engaging and dynamic experiences for hunters, bringing new possibilities and challenges to Torchlight: Infinite Cube of Rapacity Season.

New crafting system

The new drafting system combines the strengths of its predecessor while addressing previous issues, such as the lack of excitement and unpredictability while drafting. The new system is built around two components: prototyping and target processing.

Prototype crafting allows players, known as Hunters, to lock up to two titles on a piece of equipment, turning it into a prototype with up to four pre-selected titles. This process retains the advanced effects on the gear, but its ability to adapt decreases with each crafting attempt. Note that prototyping does not apply to hardware with zero neuroplasticity.

This approach elevates the looting experience by turning advanced gear drops into valuable crafting materials, making crafting more exciting overall. On the other hand, targeted processing replaces the old formulation method. Although Hunters can still use Amber to craft desired titles, they no longer have the ability to save or undo titles while trying to craft one.

Alternatively, players can pay a certain fee to restore gear to its initial state prior to target processing. It is recommended that Hunters first use prototype crafting to create high-quality mod gear and then apply targeted processing to craft additional titles. This combination simplifies the acquisition of powerful equipment, while making creating the best equipment more challenging and strategic, ultimately enhancing the overall crafting experience for players.

You can find all the details of the update in the following video:


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