Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Update 5 Log & Patch Notes


Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator 2 has just released Update 5, bringing a host of exciting new features and improvements to the game. Among the most notable additions is a brand new world called Clover Village, which will provide players with new challenges and adventures. Along with this new world, a new world event called Corruption was introduced, with a 25% chance of spawning every 30 minutes, providing various buffs such as 1.5x yen, +2 luck, +2 luck drop, and half respawn time. If you need free stuff, head over to our site Codes for Anime Warriors Simulator 2 page for all available freebies.

Update 5 also introduces a new Chamber Machine in Hero City, allowing players to level up their warriors even when they are offline. The level cap has been increased to 140, and 10 new warriors have been added to the game, further expanding the list of characters for players to choose from. In addition, a new mission and a new mountain are now available, which enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Other improvements in this update include potential auto-lock feature, Battles HP rebalancing, optimization changes, balancing and bug fixes. Among these changes, rewards for collecting artifacts have been added, and battles are now based on the player’s DPC and the world in which the battle takes place. Server uptime can now be viewed in the stats UI, and players can toggle the UI on or off as needed.

The update also brings a countdown when feeding Mythical+ units (which can be disabled in settings) and allows the purchase of ??? Pity the second time, it costs 100 materials and requires 750k unlocks. In addition, quick play cards with open luck and attributes have been improved, with attribute luck increased by +2.

The optimizer device prompt has been fixed, and the auto-egg features have been made smoother. The theme lists have been revamped, with the addition of a new +125 icon product. Reinforcements and materials in the player’s inventory are now arranged from lowest to highest. Several other optimization changes have been implemented to further improve the gaming experience.

Here’s a look at the full list of Discord patch notes:

  • New world: Clover Village!
  • New global event: Corruption!
    • Corruption may appear and save several buffs!
  • The new chamber machine in the city of heroes!
    • Level up your warriors while offline!
  • 10 new warriors!
  • Level cap increased to 140!
  • New mission + mount!
  • Possible auto lock!
  • Rebalance battles to HP!
  • Improvement changes!
  • Balancing + bug fixes!


  • 25% chance to appear every 30 minutes.
  • Buffs: 1.5x yen, +2 luck, +2 drop luck, and half return time

the changes:

  • Added artifacts that collect bonuses
  • Battles now depend on your DPC and the world in which they take place
  • Server uptime is now viewable in the Statistics UI
  • Toggle feature on/off UI
  • Added a countdown when feeding Mythical + units (can be disabled in settings)
  • Lucky potions stop during battles
  • ??? Pity can now be bought a second time (costs 100 items and unlocks 750k)
  • Quick unlock (fewer egg shakes) + buffed luck attributes in the game (buffed attribute luck by +2)
  • Fixed the optimizer device prompt (inability to prompt)
  • The auto-egg features are designed to be a smoother (hopefully?)
  • rerolls theme renewal (new product +125 tokens)
  • Boosts and items in your inventory are now ranked (from lowest to highest)
  • Many improvement changes
  • ..and much more 😄


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