Honkai Star Rail Dazzling Rainbowite – how to get & use


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There are all sorts of secrets and Treasures you can stumble upon in Honkai: Star Rail. One of them is Dazzling Rainbowite, a peculiarly sparkling crystal. to get it, you’ll need to speak to a mysterious woman completely unprompted. Moreover, you won’t receive any prompting to figure out how to use it. Here is how to do both.

How to get and use Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

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To find the Rainbowite you’ll need to talk to a mysterious woman standing by two chests just to the east of the Goethe Hotel. To use the Rainbowite, sell it to Balaway the Miner’s Lamp, you should have spoken to him earlier during Hooks Story Quest, Old Foreman’s Treasure.

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Which of the Mysterious Woman’s chests holds the Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail?

When I talked to the mysterious woman, I was eerily reminded of the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. She’ll prompt you to make a decision and open one of the two chests, one that holds good luck, and one that holds bad luck. Naturally, choosing the fancier option results in a life-threatening situation.

Out of the two chests presented to you, the small one holds good luck, or the Dazzling Rainbowite. If you choose to open it first, then speak to the woman she will disappear, leaving only the fancy chest behind. If you choose to go ahead and open the larger chests, you’ll find a few Fragmentum monsters inside.

Where to take the Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

After you’ve secured the item, go and sell it to Balaway by talking to him and selecting I’m holding a fistful of crystals. A little bit of dialogue later and you’ll have sold the Dazzling Rainbowite for a Praise of High Morals.

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