Announcing TFT Runeterra Reforged Collection – Region Gates, Theme Fixes, and More!


Teamfight Tactics has announced a new set titled “Runeterra Reforged” that offers players a fresh look at the beloved Runeterra map with a host of innovative features.

Kent, lead designer of TFT, broke the news, revealing the significant changes the group will bring to the game. Runeterra, the birthplace of the TFT game, is being revisited, but the familiar landscape has been altered by a powerful storm, causing diverse elements from all over the game world to converge. The storm modified features from all corners of Runeterra, infusing sand from Shurima onto the battlefield and scattering Piltovan technology across the Ionian Islands. This shifting and chaotic Runeterra, while seemingly random to its inhabitants, provides a wealth of strategic opportunities for players.

One of the main introductions in Runeterra Reforged is the Region Portals system. Using this system, players at the start of each game can cast their vote to enter one of three portals that lead to different areas across Runeterra. The new destination provides a range of strategic benefits, such as turning a PvE round into a treasure-filled armory in Shurima’s Warlords Bazaar, or enabling bench heroes to contribute their attributes as if they were on the battlefield in God-Willow’s Grove of Ionia.

The game’s attribute system has also been overhauled, bringing distinct aspects of each region to life. For example, Noxus units now gain additional stats that ramp up as more opponents are defeated, while Piltovan Tech introduces a new cash-out mechanism, and Shurima’s Sun Disk empowers units with large stat bonuses. The rework extends to the game’s creatures, with the ability to summon help from the Void, including entities such as the Void Remora, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.

On top of that, Runeterra Reforged Collection debuts a new feature called Legends, a dynamic system designed to give players greater control over their own destiny. Similar to choosing Chibi Lillia or another tactician in the Loadout screen, players can now choose one of their favorite Legends. These characters affect the augmentations offered during gameplay, making it more strategic and personal.

The Champion Inspection Tool is another important improvement in the new lineup. This improved feature provides comprehensive information on the hero’s damage type, perfect items, stats, spell details, and range. In addition, the revamped Trait Tracker now allows interaction with Heroes within Trait Hints, making the game more accessible for newcomers and those returning after a hiatus.

In the spirit of offering a unique gaming experience, TFT also brings Rift-inspired River Sprites, awesome Raptors, and Summoner’s Poros to the Tactician roster, each adding their own unique charm to the game. Players can look forward to exploring more than just Summoner’s Rift, as arenas take them across Runeterra.

Finally, TFT plans to expand its reach into esports. The premiere global LAN event, scheduled for December in Las Vegas, will be an open event with 512 available spots, marking a new era for TFT Esports.

Runeterra Reforged Collection symbolizes a new chapter in TFT, merging the convenience of familiar game elements with the excitement of innovative features.


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