Greatest Moonlight Cookie Toppings construct in Cookie Run Kingdom


Moonlight Cookie is a Legendary Magic Cookie that prioritizes the Center place in a group. She is the only real protector of the Metropolis of Desires, the place she dances throughout the evening sky and features energy by her goals. She’s the primary Cookie that may inflict the Sleep debuff, which implies that she has no direct counter upon launch.

Greatest Toppings construct for Moonlight Cookie in CRK

Moonlight Cookie has a jam-packed package, with just a little of every part. She can be utilized as a DPS unit, debuffer, and may even self-heal (albeit by a small quantity in comparison with the buffed Pure Vanilla Cookie). There are a couple of alternative ways you possibly can construct Moonlight Cookie relying on what you wish to prioritize:

  • Full Swift Chocolate construct – prioritizes cooldown discount, permitting you to spam Moonlight Cookie’s Ability
  • Full Strong Almond construct – an possibility if survivability is an issue, particularly within the Enviornment

For bonus stats, give attention to cooldown discount and DMG resist.

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Greatest Treasures for Moonlight Cookie in CRK

Moonlight Cookie can profit from the everyday common Treasures, however you will have to regulate your lineup relying on what recreation mode you are taking part in:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch – for cooldown discount
  • Previous Pilgrim’s Scroll – ATK increase
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle – all-around DPS increase, however solely helpful if Moonlight Cookie is among the two Cookies with the very best ATK within the group

For those who’re taking part in within the Enviornment, the Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather or Bookseller’s Monocle could also be helpful as effectively.

Moonlight Cookie Ability data in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Dream of the Evening Sky:

  • Moonlight Cookie falls asleep within the evening sky and goals a dream the place stars fall onto the enemies’ heads, dealing harm and making use of a DMG Improve debuff. Then, shiny moonlight illuminates the battlefield, dealing harm to the enemies and placing them to Sleep.
    • Enemies that did not go to sleep turn out to be drowsy and can ultimately go to sleep when their resistance statuses put on off.
  • When Moonlight Cookie awakens, she’s going to restore her personal HP. She may also restore her personal HP upon awakening from Sleep results solid by enemies.
  • Being a dweller of the World of Desires, Moonlight Cookie will not be inclined to the Beckoning Desires impact. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000)

Ability specs:

  • DMG Improve debuff: +25 p.c for 12 seconds, stacks as much as one time
  • Starlight Periodic DMG: as much as x10 ticks for 1.8 seconds, 108.5 p.c DMG per tick
  • Extra Starlight DMG: 5.5 p.c of Max HP (towards Cookies)
  • Starlight ignoring DMG Resist: 40 p.c
  • Moonlight DMG:
    • DMG to Cookies: 125 p.c of ATK + 3 p.c or true DMG proportional to Max HP plus Sleep for 2 seconds
    • DMG to others: 255 p.c of ATK plus Sleep for 2 seconds
  • Drowsiness: ATK SPD -15 p.c, MOV SPD -15 p.c for 15 seconds
  • Self-healing: 29.8 p.c of ATK

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