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Windy Bee is likely one of the rarest and most sought-after Occasion Bees within the Bee Swarm Simulator. It’s primarily due to its capability to provide quite a lot of honey shortly and the assorted farming perks it brings to the desk. To get the fabled Windy bee in Bee Swarm Simulator, it’s worthwhile to give Spirit Petal and Cloud Vials as an providing to the Wind Shrine.

The place is the Wind Shrine situated in Bee Swarm Simulator?

The Wind Shrine is current within the North-Jap a part of the map. You possibly can attain the placement by buying gliding instruments like a Parachute or Glider. Use the next picture for a pictorial illustration of the placement. 

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Methods to give choices to the Wind Shrine in Bee Swarm Simulator

Upon reaching the placement, you need to stand on the query mark and begin your providing. Since we want a Windy Bee, you need to first supply a single Spirit Petal(x1). After that, you need to hold providing Cloud Vials to the Shrine until you obtain a Windy Bee egg as a blessing. You possibly can obtain the Windy Bee after giving 10 Cloud Vials or could not get it even after donating 500 Cloud Vials. It completely will depend on luck and requires quite a lot of persistence.

Methods to enhance your probability of getting a Windy Bee in Bee Swarm Simulator

To enhance your probability of getting a Windy Bee, you need to enhance your Shrine Favor issue by donating uncommon supplies. Alongside along with your Cloud Vials, donate any uncommon gadgets at your disposal, like Eggs, Fossils, and Oils. Although it is not required, some gamers have even discovered success in a number of Spirit Petals as choices. Additionally, be sure that all of your Cloud Vials are supplied when the temple bells are shifting and making noise, indicating the presence of a Windy Bee close by.

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