Big Fortnite textures and harvest changes are being added in the next patch


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The world of Fortnite is set to change dramatically with the introduction of Ranked play for both Battle Royale and Zero Build modes in Fortnite v24.40. Along with this new feature, Epic Games is making substantial changes to materials and harvesting.

In an effort to balance the gameplay, the new patch will bring three important tweaks. First, the material cap, which is currently 999, will be reduced to 500. This change requires more strategic resource management, as players will have fewer materials at their disposal. Second, harvest rates will increase slightly, a shift intended to offset the reduced material cover. Finally, upon elimination, players will now drop 50 of each item.

In addition to the upcoming changes, Fortnite has already implemented several balance tweaks as part of the May 3 hotfix. This includes an increase in damage to the Lock-On Pistol and Thunder Spears, an improvement to the Locked-On Pistol. – Speed ​​and rate of fire between bursts, decrease in the time it takes for a thunder blast after the fuse is pulled. In a move affecting tournament players, realistic expectations have been raised.

In terms of bug fixes, version 24.40 aims to correct a series of issues that affected gameplay. The development team is making strides to address issues with the large boulders on the Battle Royale island, which did not provide as many items as planned. There’s also a fix in the works for an issue that prevented players from being healed with Slurp Juice after being knocked down but not out (DBNO).

Players using the Clone Trooper Outfit will notice some improvements. Decorations equipped with this outfit will no longer appear detached, and Clone Trooper Out’s head movement will no longer remain static. Another fix that will address an issue that caused some clothes to appear shiny.


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