Book of Hours Release Date Set for August 17th – Dark Academia RPG

Weather Factory, the BAFTA-nominated independent studio and bizarre art collection, revealed today that its upcoming dark academic RPG, Book of Hours, is set to be released in steam And gog on August 17, 2023. The game has evolved from a light-hearted tweet into a spiritual successor to its award-winning indie hit, Cultist Simulator.

Set in a world of hidden deities and secret histories during the 1930s, Book of Hours is a narrative crafting RPG that tasks players with restoring a crumbling arcane library while curating a collection of grimoires and arcana. This suave gothic narrative is the latest creation from Alexis Kennedy, original creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea.

Alexis Kennedy, half of the husband and wife team at Weather Factory, described the immersive world of Book of Hours, where players can investigate the intricate details of their surroundings, discover hidden memories and interact with unique items such as a snootle jar and a snootle jar. umbrella stand.

Lottie Bevan, the other half of the team, has expressed their eagerness to get the game they’ve been developing on and off since 2019. The Book of Hours immerses players in a world where they have to rebuild the Hush House, a great fortress of knowledge that was once destroyed by fire. As the new Librarian, players will define how history is written, with their influence reaching far beyond the walls of the Hush House.

Photo: The Weather Factory

Key features of Book of Hours include organizing books, customizing the player’s new home, discovering centuries of history, acquiring and cataloging mysterious items, studying the nine wisdoms, guiding visitors, exploring secret history, and restoring an ancient monastery. Players can also choose from nine different Legacies that make up their identity within the game, such as Magnate, Archaeologist, Symurgist, or Twiceborn.

As the Book of Hours release date approaches, so can Elders, Scholars, and Librarians-in-Training Add the game to your Steam wishlist In anticipation of its launch on August 17, 2023 on both Steam and GOG.

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