Cassette Beasts Review – A surprisingly modern answer to the aging genre

Nintendo currently has a lock on the creature collecting genre, as others unsuccessfully try to enter the market that sees something new Pokemon game every year. When the franchise is as long as thatAnd Players will begin to dissect the core mechanics of the game, some seeing capturing magical animals from their habitats and forcing them to fight until they pass out as immoral.

These questions have persisted among fans who grew up with the games and now understand the grim connotations of these creature capture titles. Every new game strives to try and improve on this in some way, but no one has quite answered that question cassette monsters. In fact, Bytten Studio seems to have noticed a lot of features that no one has really developed in a while and hit the ground running.

What you managed to create in it cassette monsters It might be enough to launch a new franchise if the world isn’t used to it Pokemon And imitation games have been done in self-satisfaction for years. It’s not perfect, but it manages to get closer than any game I’ve played from the start Pokemon In utter awe I had for the creatures, the battle system and the unique world where it all happens.

Wherever we are now is a special place

Image: Payton Studio

The game begins with the character moving from a location to a mysterious body of water, reflecting the player encountering this unique world full of magical creatures for the first time. From the very beginning, you are attracted by the charming art style of the game, which seems to be based on pixel art and 3D models. It fits right into the world of New Wirral, giving a nice exterior to a world that hides more beneath the surface than it appears.

The soundtrack also deserves special notice for the way it can engage the player at all the right moments, seemingly knowing when to swell in an actual emotional moment. There appear to be two versions of each track, a lighter version without the vocals, and a more intense version that actually contains lyrics. The game alternates between these versions depending on whether you’re in an intense fight or do something as simple as walking certain buildings.

The world is very open and players can explore it at their leisure, which is really refreshing for not being covered by the story requirements. You will uncover new rumors about things to explore around the world by listening to various villagers around the central city, Harbortown. Many of these can be found on your own, but their tips are incredibly useful when completing tasks where you need to find specific objects.

Monsters cassette phone booths image
Image: Payton Studio

Monsters can be found in unique habitats and breeding grounds, just like in most other creature collecting games, and players will record what they look like with a cassette tape and player. However, unlike most games in this genre, players will become that creature themselves by playing the tape recorded, letting the creature be defeated or go its own way. This removes the basic issue that many have dealt with Pokemonwhich is that it’s a magical dogfight, as the player is the creature.

Players who enjoy hunting for creatures to fill a log or collecting special shapes are in luck, as you can see there are 125 in the world, 120 of which are recordable. In addition, nearly all creatures have 14 alternate versions that spawn as a blinking glitch into the world, each of a different creature type with a chance of obtaining rare and powerful abilities. The player and bars will each have their own levels, with bars reaching level five being able to evolve, or remaster.

This doesn’t even include the number of different Archangels that players will encounter, which have been referred to as demons and angels by people over the years. They’re an incredibly powerful mix of negative energy, and they clearly don’t blend in with the world in art style or themes. In these moments, the game isn’t afraid to go dark and serves as a strange substitute for a cheerful atmosphere.

Archangel Beasts cassette image
Image: Payton Studio

Players will need to score certain creatures in order to unlock all areas of the map, but these aren’t unlocked by anything other than being a level up. There are abilities such as floating, swimming, and dashing through rocks, with the player being able to use all of them in their human form. You don’t even need to keep it in your active deck, which gives you extra room to improve your gear.

There are occasional performance glitches like needing a very short loading screen when traveling to certain areas, which sometimes seems to crash my computer. This happened maybe twice in the twenty-plus hour period of play after long runs. Fortunately, the game seems to have a pretty solid auto-save system, so I didn’t lose much, if any, progress.

Counter New Wirral threats

Monsters image recording cassette
Photo: Payton Studios

The battle system is uniquely complex with a host of cross-processors and debuffs that will likely require some studying before players become familiar. It’s actually pretty impressive, with them being the input to melt plastic monsters, kindle a flame like air, or ignite a poison, which just so happens to be flammable in New Wirral thanks to its unique physics.

This will create an in-game meta that is more complex than anything else Pokemon I thought of creating it. It’s brilliance bordering on obsession, but in the best possible way. Dozens of hours into the game, you’ll still be learning and applying new ways to take advantage of your enemy types using your best moves.

Another interesting part of the combat in this game is the fusion mechanic, which allows the player and his ever-present dueling partner to fuse their two monsters. This must be unlocked by doing that character’s side quest, but once that’s done, you can combine any two monsters for a unique, more powerful creature.

Fusion monsters cassette image
Photo: Payton Studios

It’s just like a file Pokemon The Fusion mini-game has seen waves of popularity over the years, but the developers have made it official. as if Cryptozo It wasn’t a complete failure and it was made by people who really care about gameplay. It is simply very impressive the extra work that must have been done to implement it. These fusions can also be found and defeated in the world in a variety of ways, with a specific section being Bestiary for tracking down monsters.

This complex definition and Fusion system ensures that exploring the world on the same level is more of a proposition than a solid rule. You may find yourself doing missions intermittently as you explore the world, and not even notice the level gap until you’re destroyed after wandering into an area you weren’t prepared for. However, the most dedicated players will likely be able to figure this out.

The only negative about combat is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to fight other players in multiplayer, which allows you to put your monsters to the test. This would also be a great place to show off any Bootleg Tapes while also giving your friends a heads up. There is a cooperative mode where the player takes on the character of a partner, but this is a far cry from the multiplayer fighting mode.

pokey who?

Monsters cassette image mastermind
Image: Payton Studio

The last word

In a world where the newest half-baked Pokemon Most of the bandwidth consumed by the game of catching creatures in people’s lives, cassette monsters is a feast. Gamers are bound to spend countless hours in the game as they come to understand what a fresh perspective with current generation technology can achieve in a genre that has been more or less stagnant for decades.


This Try Hard Guides PC review version of this game has been provided. Find more detailed looks at popular and upcoming titles in the game reviews section of our website! Monsters audiobooks available at steam and PC Gamepass, and will be available on consoles in late spring 2023.

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