Codes for Roblox ZO Samurai [Quests] (April 2023)

Zo is a gun fighting game. You can grab a katana, kanabu, naginata, and other weapons to fight against other players in the world. Every time you kill someone, you will gain a soul. These lives act as currency, and allow you to buy skins for your weapon in the shop. This game is about fighting and seeing who can use their swords better!

If you are looking for freebies, you can find them on our website Zo Codes existing. We have a full report of the latest active and working codes right now. If you are not sure how to redeem codes in Zhou samuraiYou can find out how to do it under the list of icons! Make sure to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard or use the Add to Bookmark button on mobile.

We cover all things Roblox! If your avatar is in need of some new clothes, hair, or something else, you can find some cool new stuff on Roblox’s Free Items page. If you’re looking for more free codes and offers, be sure to check out our Become A Hacker pages for Proof Dad Wrong Tycoon Codes, Anime Combat Simulator Codes, TTD 3 Codes, and Strong Fat Simulator Codes!

We have verified that there are new codes on April 21, 2023! You can find all current free offers in the list below. The next official code will be added when the game reaches 600,000 likes!

Zo Missions Update (April 21, 2023)

The Oni Resurrection quest is back with eight parts to complete. By completing a mission, players can receive the new Oni Resurrection Katana.

In addition, the black market is back and players can bid on their favorite items. Meanwhile, the Daily Spin provides players with a chance to get their hands on the new exclusive weapon – Feather Scythe.

Moreover, the new Kraken Kill Effect is available in the updated Kill Effect box. Players can earn this new killing effect by opening the chest.

Finally, some changes have been made to existing weapons. All Easter event weapons are now tradable, except for the Glass Katana. Golden Kiseru features custom swing animations. The wind cutter has been reduced.

All Zo codes

  • 550 kilo likes – Redeem the code for a special reward
  • 500 kilo likes – Redeem the code for a special reward
  • 450 kilo likes – Redeem free Souls code

Find codes for a bunch of other games on the Roblox game codes page.


  • 400klikes – Redeem free Souls code
  • 350 kilo likes – Redeem free Souls code
  • 300 kilo likes – Redeem free Souls code
  • CLANSV2 – Redeem free Souls code
  • 915719 – Redeem free Souls code
  • New Year 2022 – Redeem free Souls code
  • Merry Christmas – Redeem free Souls code
  • 100 visits – Redeem free Souls code
  • ZoDown – Redeem free Souls code
  • mission – Redeem the code for 25 Souls
  • zeekbday – Redeem the code for 117 Souls
  • 80 m – Redeem the code for 80 Souls
  • Boarding – Redeem the code for 100 souls
  • Halloween – Redeem the code for 40 Souls
  • Zowipzo2 – Redeem the Souls token
  • 42 – Redeem the 42 Souls code
  • ZOZO – Redeem the code for 20 Souls
  • tweeterman – Redeem the token for 100 souls
  • code – Redeem the code for 15 Souls

Frequently asked questions about Zo

How do I use tokens in Zo?

To redeem codes in Roblox Zo, you need to run down the path from where you spawn towards the settings panel. Turn right and go down the slope, then left when you reach the bottom. You should see a well, a shop, a dog and towards the back of the area a small bulletin board area to enter codes. Interact with this tag, copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and hit OK to receive your reward!

How do I get more Zo codes?

To find more icons, be sure to join the admin ZoDiscord, where you’ll find details on updates and hopefully some icons. You can also follow your costumeAnd futilityAnd Sami On Twitter Who are the developers of the game. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all the latest icons, so be sure to bookmark the page!

Game description

WIP Fighting Game – A lot of things in the game are not final and still under heavy development!

  • CTRL – Shift Lock
  • SHIFT – Sprint (not equipped)
  • LMB – attack
  • yuan – block
  • R – dash
  • F – Kick (Guard Break)

Writing weapon models

TamperedReality (owner) FandaVes, @alovaxx, Sylvren

Game thumbnail and construction icon and animation

sambirb & contributors @zboys (founder)

These are all the icons that we have currently included Roblox Zoe game. If you see one that’s missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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