How to claim Character Packs 1 & 2 in Dead Island 2

Have you ever wondered how other players see you in Dead Island 2? Naturally, you’d want to look as best for those co-op situations. The best to improve your looks is to change your costume and show some exclusive weapons. But to impress other players, you must claim Character Packs, as that’s the only way to get cosmetics. So now you’re probably wondering how to claim Character Packs 1 and 2 in Dead Island 2.

How to get Character Packs 1 & 2 in Dead Island 2

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To claim Character Pack 1 and Character Pack 2 in Dead Island 2, you must buy either the Deluxe or Gold edition of the game. This is the only way to get skins for Jacob and Amy, respectively. If it’s any consolation, all slayers in Dead Island 2 will get additional outfits and character-specific weapons.

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What is the Dead Island 2 Character Pack 1 content?

Character Pack 1 is a Dead Island 2 DLC focused on slayer Jacob. It presents the Devil’s Horseshoes special weapon and the Rodeo Sunset outfit. While the cosmetic can be used only on Jacob, any character can wield the weapon. When you change your outfit in Dead Island 2, he’ll become Silver Star Jacob.

What is in the Dead Island 2 Character Pack 2 content?

Dead Island 2 Character Pack 2 introduces unique skin and a special weapon for Amy. This DLC awards you the Neurunner costume and the Casimir & Julienne twin-bladed weapon. If you equip these blades and switch to a Neurunner outfit, you’ll be recognized as Cyber Slayer Amy.

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